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Since joining forces with us in 2014, Grafton Apparel, our official FTEC national ambassadors, have raised over $1 million through initiatives at their over 130 stores across Canada, including Tip Top, George Richards, and Mr. Big & Tall.

Grafton Apparel launched their in-store and corporate campaign to help support The Fight to End Cancer on September 15, 2022 and ran until the end of November 2022. They set out with an initial goal of $275,000 which was quickly pushed to $300,000 after the stores fundraising efforts started with a bang! Thanks to their incredible dedication and cooperation, the campaign exceeded its goal and raised $345,000 in donations, making this year the BIGGEST success yet!!!

Grafton Apparel made some executive decisions to ensure that this year was one of their best yet, including steering away from their silver theme to a more red theme in order to reflect their support in The Fight to End Cancer. They also added a key-ring/key-chain to their collection, tailoring to both men and women, which would be given as tokens of their gratitude to donations over $20.00

Each participating store excelled in their goals in the 2021 campaign, bringing in exceptional donations to go towards funding cancer research at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

By their extraordinary efforts and generosity, Grafton apparel’s donations have pushed our total funds donated to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation to over $2 million.   Grafton has pledged to once again be a leader in the Fight to End Cancer in 2023, by launching their “Wear Your Support” Campaign – featuring exclusive FTEC key chains and lapel pins at all Grafton apparel stores across Canada.   All signs point towards them knocking out their fundraising goals once again, based on their unrelenting support for the Fight to End Cancer.

We are humbled by the unwavering commitment, creativity and generosity of the entire Grafton Apparel organization, management team, staff, vendors,  friends and family for continuing to support our vision and for being such an integral part of our Fight to End Cancer family.

As the leading Canadian retailer of men’s clothing, Grafton Apparel operates through its specialty retail chains; Tip Top, George Richards Big and Tall and Mr. Big & Tall, with 136 stores across Canada and 3 commerce sites.  Originally founded in 1853, the Grafton name is rich with heritage and synonymous to quality menswear serving men of average size as well as big and tall.

Fight To End Cancer hit the $2,000,000 milestone this year through Grafton Apparel’s 2022 initiatives and campaign!


  • LONDON – WHITE OAKS – $12,003 
  • SASKATOON – $7,823 
  • PBO-LANSDOWNE (EM67) – $6,000

Grafton Apparel worked extremely hard in keeping the public engaged in their initiative. They hope to have a significant influence on changing the tide in the war against cancer through all their initiatives. The impact of cancer is very much prevalent, and they continue to fight for the community of survivors, victims and lost loved ones. Grafton Apparel CEO, Lance Itkoff, personally sent out emails to all vendors and supporters to encourage and thank them for their ongoing support!

Many of us have been affected by cancer in some way—a friend, a family member, a colleague or a neighbour who may be struggling with cancer right now. Grafton Apparel has a rich heritage of serving Canadians for more than 100 years, and one of our greatest strengths is our incredible team of progressive, loyal and committed people. Our associates across the country have always rallied tirelessly around our fundraising efforts. Our involvement helps create a brighter future for our families, our friends and our communities. As an Official Partner, we look forward to many more years of triumphs and success stories in our continuing support of the Fight To End Cancer — a battle we can all win together.

Lance ItkoffCEO

Grafton Apparel Team

The Grafton Apparel Team is a tight-knit company that believes in supporting our noble cause and welcomes all forms of support and each and every member of the large team (consisting of nearly 1000 employees) is working hard to ensure a future free of cancer.

We could not be prouder to have Grafton Apparel in our corner as we work towards smashing barriers and reaching new heights for cancer research with Fight To End Cancer and the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. We are blown away by the dedication and loyalty that they have shown to the cause over the years and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration!

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