As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are all experiencing uncertain times. In light of the current situation, in consultation with our partners and the FTEC Fight Team, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Fight To End Cancer for 2020. We are working to reestablish dates for and will be in touch with all event partners, sponsors and attendees when new dates have been identified. For Full Statement, Updates and Protocols, please visit:
[COVID-19 UPDATE] Fight To End Cancer 2020

Join The Fight

Join The Fight

The Fight To End Cancer Is Everyones Fight!

Our annual gala is just one part of the yearlong fundraising initiatives executed by Fight To End Cancer. Our Annual Boxing Gala continues to be the “Main Event” celebration of our fundraising efforts, however we are expanding our Corporate Fundraising Teams and our Community Ambassador Programs. This will open the doors to allow anyone to join us in the Fight To End Cancer.

Become An Ambassador

This is a great option if you’re not in a position to put upfront funds toward financial sponsorship. It also allows you to put together a very personalized campaign and Fight To End Cancer of your own.

Become A Sponsor

Take a look through some of the important dates and videos to get an idea of the event and cause. We have many companies who prefer to commit to financial sponsorship.  One of our most popular options is our Boxer Sponsorship. This allows you to step into the ring as the fighter does all the heavy lifting. We have a discounted rate right now, act fast!

Become A Volunteer

Not Ready To Become A Boxer? You Can Still Join The Fight!

Become A Boxer

The decision to fight for such a meaningful cause is life changing. You are a true hero whether you embark on this journey for yourself, a family member or a friend who is fighting, or has had to fight cancer. To better understand the challenges and commitments ahead, please read through the material provided below and be sure to read our News and Media.

How Will I Fight To End Cancer?

You are not in this alone! The Kingsway Boxing and Fight To End Cancer teams will guide you though, and prepare you entirely for the road ahead.  Your role as a fighter in the Fight To End Cancer is extensive. To say the least, this is a yearlong endeavour, the fight being the climax of all the hard work, dedication and the funds you raise to support cancer research.

As a fight team member, you will be an inpiration to those who are affected by the disease. Your fight is all to familiar to children and adults who have had to fight their own battles. Your fight will prove to those who are fighting, have fought, or have been impacted by cancer, that they are not alone!

I’m Interested… But I’m Not Sure It’s For Me…

Our Official Boxing Partners, Kingsway Boxing Club, would like to invite you in for a complementary private lesson to take you through the basics. If you’re still not sure after this lesson, you can jump into train with the team with a variety of packages. Book Lesson Now

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Your Role

For the time leading up to the event, and in years to follow, you will be a part of the FTEC Event Committee. Much of your time will be allotted to training and preparing for your fight. Your help will also be necessary in the sales of tables and sponsorships. To stay informed and to give feedback, it is advisable to attend our monthly meetings and/or conference calls. If you are unable to attend; meeting minutes will be accessible. You will also have a pledge goal of $10,000.00 – $20,000.00* that will go directly
to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (personalized pledge page). Help gain support and awareness from your family, friends and community! Log your personal experience through blog posts and media releases set up by the FTEC organizers.

Your Responsibilities as an FTEC Fighter

  • Help Create Awareness – through your personal networks and within the social platforms provided by the Fight To End Cancer. Your social interactions will come into consideration when being selected for the team (ie. Problems may arise if you have aggressive or political views that will reflect as a representation of Fight To End Cancer)
  • Fight Training – Our Official FTEC Fighters will train as a team. In addition to the special team training, we encourage the fighters to attend the gym a minimum of 2 times per week at the gym. Training will be supplies by our Official Boxing Partner: Kingsway Boxing Club. It is important that the team be together throughout this journey for Media and logistical purposes. We need the official fight team to be based out of one ‘home’, mainly for accessibility and media purposes.
  • Fundraising – The funds raised by each fighter benefits the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in full. You will set up your own fundraising site in which you can reach out to your friends, families and colleagues for support. Most fight team members will aim to raise between $10-$15K
  • Have Fun – Above all else… experience the fight of your life with the support of the world around you! This is a once in a lifetime experience, your chance to fight for those you love and to help make a difference.

The Fight Team has more than doubled their sponsorship goal each year in Fight To End Cancer. It is important that we move forward with the same momentum:

(amounts include corporate fundraising)

2012 Fight Team Raised $7600.00
2013 Fight Team Raised – $22,000.00
2014 Fight Team Raised $52,500.00
2015 Fight Team Raised $120,000.00
2016 Fight Team Raised $170,000.00
2017 Fight Team Raised $200,000.00
2018 Fight Team Raised $350,000.00
2019 Fight Team Raised $450,000.00

Mandatory Attendance For 2021 Fight Team

Fighter Registration: $650.00 (payment not necessary for applicants)

This one time fee will cover all costs associated with being an FTEC Fighter. This fee will also cover your Boxing Ontario Amateur Licensing which is mandatory for all boxers to spar and compete. You will be provided with a licenced physician who will complete the required medical and forms for you to be deemed “Fit To Fight”. You are welcome to use your own family doctor.

Included In FTEC Registration Fee:

  • Boxing Ontario Registration
  • Boxer Medical*
  • 6 Month Membership to Kingsway Boxing (December 1st until Fight Date)
  • FightCamp – FightCamp Info
  • All boxing equipment and apparel for media appearances, photoshoots and event day
  • Official FTEC Tracksuits and Apparel
  • All corporate photography and videography (headshots and interviews)

*Medical will only be covered if you use the doctor provided by Kingsway Boxing Club. Personal physicians may charge up to $150.00 to complete necessary forms.

Amateur Competitive FTEC Membership:

This membership will cover all training you will receive through Kingsway Boxing Club to prepare you for your fight. This is a big commitment for anyone to take on, therefore the coaches at Kingsway Boxing take the FTEC Fighters very seriously. In addition to exclusive access to FTEC training, this membership will ensure that you will be provided with all the technical, conditioning and other components it takes to successfully step in the ring.

Included In Kingsway Boxing Club Membership:

  • Unlimited access to all conditioning and technical programs offered through Kingsway Boxing Club
  • Special extra training leading up to the fight (group, individual and sparring)

Charity Boxer Application