As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are all experiencing uncertain times. In light of the current situation, in consultation with our partners and the FTEC Fight Team, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Fight To End Cancer for 2020. We are working to reestablish dates for and will be in touch with all event partners, sponsors and attendees when new dates have been identified. For Full Statement, Updates and Protocols, please visit:
[COVID-19 UPDATE] Fight To End Cancer 2020

About Us



The Fight To End Cancer was founded in 2011 and has donated over $1,500,000.00 to date, in support of cancer research, with proceeds going directly to support the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Featuring a new group of white-collar men and women each year, with no prior boxing experience, Fight To End Cancer’s annual black tie gala concludes months of their intense training.  It’s true Olympic-style boxing, and they celebrate both the training and the hard work in achieving their personal fundraising goals.  Fight To End Cancer has quickly grown to become a premium fundraiser and showcases these brave individuals, as they lace up their gloves and step into our ring to help knock out cancer.

OUR MISSION | Donate. Initiate. Participate.

Fight To End Cancer has one core mission; to end cancer.  For us, there is no other option.  Raising funds is one major component of our work, however initiating conversation and taking action are just as important.

Our motto is simple.  Defeat Is NOT An Option.


Our vision is to raise both money and awareness for a cause that directly affects the world in which we live, and ultimately, knockout cancer in our lifetime.


It is our goal to raise over $1,500,000 for cancer research annually and we know we can do it, but we can’t go into this fight alone.  Our annual black-tie boxing Gala is the “Main Event” celebration of our year-long fundraising efforts, however, we are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to expand the reach of our message to even greater audiences.  The success of these efforts will, in large part, rely on continued community involvement and corporate partnerships.

Those who have been affected by cancer have had to fight!  We intend to continue to grow each year and ultimately inform everyone that no matter how big, or small, of a contribution – we can all participate in the Fight To End Cancer.


Fight To End Cancer hosts an annual black tie charity gala that was founded in 2011. Our prestigious event raises funds for cancer research with proceeds going directly to support the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

We have chosen to partner with The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, not only because they are one of the top five cancer research facilities in the world, but also because of the direct support they provide within the Toronto community.  Our goal – for which the support of our local community and businesses is fundamental – is to raise funds for a cause that directly affects the world in which we live.  Let’s make a difference now in the fight to end cancer for a long and successful future for everyone.  Defeat is not an option!

Fight To End Cancer‘s gala commences with a cocktail reception and an elegant gourmet dinner before leading into a night of Las Vegas-style entertainment.  Guests are treated to first-class performance acts, paired with the night’s main event – a series of amateur Olympic-style boxing bouts featuring dedicated volunteer fighters, including local business leaders and influencers.  This is an event like no other and has quickly become one of the most anticipated fundraisers in Toronto.

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We are pleased to once again include Fight to End Cancer (FTEC) in our Special Events line up.  An event like no other, this Olympic style boxing match and black tie gala has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated fundraisers in Toronto.

Since its inception in 2012, Fight to End Cancer has directed nearly $1,500,000 to the Highest & Best Research Priorities at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  This remarkable achievement would not be possible without the commitment from the FTEC event committee, charity boxers and their donors.  We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support from the Fight to End Cancer and look forward to their annual events.

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world, has achieved an international reputation as a global leader in the fight against cancer and delivering personalized cancer medicine.

We are privileged to have Fight to End Cancer as our partner.  By supporting this event, you are helping to improve the lives of cancer patients and moving us one step closer to our vision- To Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.

On behalf of our patients, doctors and the entire staff at The Princess Margaret, thank you for dedicating yourself to the fight against cancer.


Michael Burns

President & CEO
The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
More About The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation


2 - Jennifer Huggins

Photo Credit: Vincent Dayrit

I am commonly asked why I choose to “fight” cancer.  The truth is, there are so many causes out there that need to be supported and one day I hope to fight for all of them.  However, it is cancer that continues to attack those who mean the world to me – my community.

The Fight To End Cancer started as an outlet through which I could bring together all of my passions: my business Kingsway Boxing, my corporate network and my entertainment life with Richard Forget.  Developing this unique fundraising event allowed me the ability to try to fulfill my dream of building a stronger, healthier community.

I believe that fighting is in our DNA.  It’s a skill we develop when dealing with adverse situations.  Sometimes, we choose to fight and other times, we are forced to.

The battle which one faces with cancer is much like a boxing match; only the decision to step into the ring was made for them along with their opponent.  The team that stands behind a boxer can make, or break, their fight.  It is no different for someone who is faced with the reality of having to fight cancer.

Cancer does not discriminate.  We have all watched, painfully, as it attacks friends and family, both young and old.  It tests the limits of, not only the victim but also of their loved ones.  Maintaining the physical strength it takes to go to battle with cancer is something that can take virtually everything out of an individual.  However, the burning flame to fight and to win must never be extinguished.  Those who can fight – must.

You are not in this alone!  This is how the fight team and committee for Fight To End Cancer feel about the battle against cancer.  Fight To End Cancer will prove to those who are fighting, have fought, or have been in some way affected by cancer, that we are fighting with them!

We look forward to your much-appreciated support.

Jennifer Huggins
Founder, Executive Director Fight To End Cancer