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Thriving In Canada | Featuring Leigh Mitchell

By August 18, 2017January 6th, 2022No Comments
Leigh Mitchell (wearing blue shirt) at a Women In Biz workshop she hosted this year.

Leigh Mitchell (wearing blue shirt) at a Women In Biz Network workshop she hosted earlier this year.

Thriving In Canada | Featuring Leigh Mitchell

Leigh Mitchell learned early in her adult life how to thrive and fight for what was important to her.  Leigh was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cervical cancer in her late twenties, which was caught just in time.  She was treated with laser surgery to remove it.  It was a quick day procedure, however, she was very emotional and exhausted post treatment.  Her encounter with cancer was a prelude to the importance she would place on investing into a thriving community.
Leigh is the founder of Women in Biz Network and Thrive in Canada.  She has a  natural talent for building thriving communities and took her business from a handful of women in her neighbourhood, to a national network of over 35,000 women across Canada, in seven short years!  Leigh has successfully worked with professional women and business owners, along with major brands such as GM Canada, Microsoft Canada, TELUS, Johnson & Johnson, Maple Leaf Foods, TD Canada Trust, Staples Canada and Penguin Random House Canada.  She has been featured on CBC Radio, in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Living Magazine, Wall Street Journal and in other local media, as well as being a featured speaker at numerous industry events.
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Leigh Headshot

Leigh was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cervical cancer which was caught just in time.

My Family Cancer Story:

Three aunts and my step mother all had breast cancer – two of my aunts passed away as a result.  My beloved grandmother had colon cancer that spread to a brain tumour – she passed away from this.  One cancer experience that stands out, is my dear work friend,who died of breast cancer that spread to her bones just after turning 50.  We worked together closely for many years and I was devastated by her passing.  Losing a friend to cancer isn’t any less traumatic than losing a family member, yet often times we see our friends more than we do our family.  Working day in and day out with Darlene made her a part of my daily life – I called her my work wife.  It left a void in my heart when she died.  I was able to attend her visitation, when she passed, but her funeral was the day I was hosting a large event.  I felt terrible that I missed saying good bye at her funeral, so in her honour, I started to include The Cancer Society at my events to raise awareness.  This small act provided peace of mind that I did what I could.
Leigh continues the Fight To End Cancer in honour of her friends and family affected by the disease.  We want to thank her once again for taking the time to share her story with us.

If you want to join the fight we encourage you to visit our website and learn more about our goals and our fight!  You can also literally join the fight as a fighter, ambassador or volunteer more info


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