Q. How do I become a fighter in the Fight To End Cancer?

A. This is a long process, approximately 6-12 months. For full details, please visit “Become A Fighter” and complete an application.

Q. How do I become a sponsor in the Fight To End Cancer?

A. Sponsoring the Fight To End Cancer is a great way to get exposure for your company and/or your services. We pride ourselves on the creative incorporation of advertising that we are able to provide to our partners. For full information on how to become a sponsor, please visit “Become A Sponsor

Q. How do donate by cheque to the Fight To End Cancer? Can this be done in US Funds?

A. Please mail all cheques to: The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation | 610 University Avenue | Toronto, ON M5G 2M9 | Attention: Kat Aptekar | Note: Fight To End Cancer Donation (specify specific fighter if you wish to donate to their goal)

If you wish to pay via credit card for your donation in US funds and receive a US tax receipt then you can call Kelly directly at 416-946-2353 and I can take your credit card information over the phone.

Q. Can I get a Charitable Donation Receipt for my purchase?

A. All online fighter sponsorships and donations are processed directly through the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and donors should receive their receipts immediately by email. Please note the following for all other purchases:

Charitable Donations – Fighters’ personal goals are funds directly collected by the foundation and supporters will receive a charitable donation receipt. We cannot use these funds for advertising, otherwise it would mean they are not donations.

Advertising Sponsorship – Sponsorship is purchased advertising. These purchases are taxable and receive business receipts, helping us execute the event, thus allowing donated funds to the PMCF to grow larger. No charitable donation receipts are issued for this, as the purchaser is receiving a product in exchange for their donated funds.

Q. I would like to start my own FTEC Campaign. What are my options?

A. Our annual gala is just one part of the yearlong fundraising initiatives executed by Fight To End Cancer. Our Annual Boxing Gala continueS to be the “Main Event” celebration of our fundraising efforts, however we are expanding our Corporate Fundraising Teams and our Community Ambassador Programs. This opens the doors to allow anyone to join us in the Fight To End Cancer. We are all a part of the fight… Defeat Is NOT An Option

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