As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are all experiencing uncertain times. In light of the current situation, in consultation with our partners and the FTEC Fight Team, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Fight To End Cancer for 2020. We are working to reestablish dates for and will be in touch with all event partners, sponsors and attendees when new dates have been identified. For Full Statement, Updates and Protocols, please visit:
[COVID-19 UPDATE] Fight To End Cancer 2020


Please use the materials below to keep updated on all the information and responsibilities you will have as a FTEC Fight Team Member. If you have any questions or concerns, or you feel like any additional items may be helpful on this page, please let Jen or Virg know. Thank you for taking this journey with us!




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We will be using the information provided to help our production team to customize your individual campaign. Please submit all items in requested by no later than Friday January 24 @5pm

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This closed group will be used to communicate deadlines, share important files and photos and help with successfully coordinating the Fight Team for FTEC2020


PMCF Fundraising Page Login

Use this link to login to your personal fundraising campaigns, view and communicate with your sponsors. Be sure to update this month as you lead up to fight night!

Fighter Sponsorship Form

Please use this form for Cheque Payments for fighter sponsorships and direct donations to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. You can also use this form for special events where your guests do not have access to the online donation platforms.

Please read below for some ideas from past fighters on fundraising. You can use these ideas to create personalized campaigns. Please remember to let us know of the concepts you create so we can help promote them through our social and media channels.

Foreign Funds Donation

In the event, you would like to send a cheque, it must be Canadian or US currency. If you have someone who would like to send a US cheque, they would have to have the cheque made out to “American Friends of UHN” otherwise we cannot accept it.

If it’s in Canadian currency, please have the cheque made out to “The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.” In the memo note or on a separate piece of paper, please ask them to write the fighters name so we know to attribute this to the correct fundraising page.

Please note, if these cheques will be sent in here, please send it to:

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
Attn: Kat Aptekar – Fight to End Cancer
610 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M5G 2M9

Dawn Curnew Millar – FTEC2018 Fighter

“I talked to past fighters to see what worked for them and truthfully took everyone’s advice to heart. I tried a combination of everything! I did a blog, ran a couple of contests, made sure I reached out to people personally by email and phone as well as used social media to raise awareness and attract donations. I tried to space out my posts on social media as well so people wouldn’t feel like it was overwhelming. I also started a separate (public) Instagram page that was just about my FTEC journey. I started raising awareness early on and just kept a slow and steady approach all the way through.”

Gavin Grant – FTEC2018 Fighter

“I found the most important thing was to have a plan that would last throughout the entire training / fundraising period and to go back again and again to my network. It worked like this: I begged everyone for money. Easy. Then I begged everyone for raffle items – tons of people I knew could get their hands on jays tickets or lcbo gift cards or foot massagers or whatever – friends of friends count too. I put all these things in a raffle then started selling tickets. Once that was exhausted, I created a Super Supporter program where people who got other people I didn’t know to buy raffle tickets (strangers to me) would get bonus raffle tickets. Then I held a party with all you can drink beer and wine with a price tag that more than covered the cost. By the end of it, I’d received a donation by just about everyone I know, plus some of my closest friends donated straight up, bought raffle tickets, got their friends to buy raffle tickets too (Super Supporters) and came to my party – essentially they donated three or four times! It worked really well and the program was spread out over the entire fundraising period so that I always had progress updates to blast via social media.”

Rob Paniccia – FTEC2018 Fighter

“I started with family, then moved to facebook and social media friends. At the same time I was fortunate enough to have a business network. I contacted suppliers, I contact clients. I wrote a bio and description of what I was doing, what was involved and why I was doing it. Everyone out there has been touched one way or another by cancer, like many of the fighters on the ftec2018 team I had it hit close to home. I was doing this and fighting for the ftec families and for those people that cant. I told them I was fighting to help princess Margaret finds so that hopefully they can find cures. When people read your story you will be surprised how it touches them and many people will surprise you.

Always ask for help of both the ftec alumni and those you are asking for donations.”

Paige C. Cunningham – FTEC2015 Fighter

“I specifically asked friends and family for donations and kept a blog about my experience! I sent my donors the link to my blog in case they were interested and didn’t follow me on social!

Keeping it personal is what works the best in my opinion and all my years as a fundraiser. Potential donors like and want a personal ask – so just ask! The worst thing that can happen is they’ll say no. I also captured my entire journey by writing a very personal blog about my entire experience. It’s not just about the training and working out, you will come to realize that this experience is extremely mental and being able to share that with the world is quite compelling. Excited to see what you guys will do! Good luck!!!” ~ View Paige’s Blog

Vignesh Jayakrishnan – FTEC2016 Fighter

“For a $50 donation to my personal fundraising page, I would sing and play guitar for their requested songs… This turned out to be a fun learning experience considering I started off only knowing 1 or 2 songs LOL.” ~ View Song Example

Jeff MacWilliams – FTEC2016 Fighter

“I own a cross-fit gym, so I set up a fundraiser at my gym and invited all my clients and friends” ~ View Jeff’s Event

Sam Krystantos – FTEC2016 Fighter

“I went through my Facebook list and private messaged everyone individually with the website attached… I also put out a mass status (for about every new 10 donations I received) and tagged the donors thanking them, which ensured that it would show up on their newsfeed and so their social network would see what ftec is all about. Another strategy that I did was making 2 training videos with music to show my network my progress and hype leading up to the fight.”

Dawn Ramsay-Brown – FTEC2014 Fighter

“I, selfishly, wanted something I could have as a memory of the fight and thought it would be nice to come up with something that everyone who donated would be able to have as a keepsake. I reached out to a jeweler on Etsy and had these charms designed and then sold them with the profits all going to my goal. I liked the idea that people were ‘buying’ something rather than just handing out money.” ~ View Necklace 

Natasa Jamnik-Sousa – FTEC2016 Fighter

“I was writing raps. I tried to write them for as many people who donated as possible; however it became a bit tricky towards the end.”  ~ View Rap Example

Leslie Ehm – FTEC2015 Fighter

“I promised everyone who donated that was a FB friend that I would post a hand selected ‘boxing’ pic that best suited or described them and why. It got everyone’s curiousity up and I bet some people donated just to see their pic. Regardless, it was a way to keep the message alive without simply begging for donations day in and out. Also, I told anyone who would listen about what I was doing – even strangers – and gave them a special fundraising biz card with all of the details made for me by the awesome Dawn Ramsay-Brown and asked them for a donation. I probably raised $1000 just off strangers. Make your story compelling and maybe ask Dawn if she’d design a card for you. You can print hundreds for a few bucks on Vistaprint. You could even design one yourself. Easy!!” ~ View ‘Boxing’ Pic Example



CONFIDENTIAL (only share this link with a maximum of 2 family members): 2 tickets for each FTEC2020 fight team member has been reserved for the May 30, 2020 Gala. Please note that this price will only be available until Jan. 31, 2020.


Your friends, family and coworkers will become more and more excited with a million questions as the event gets closer. In contrast, you will become more and more preoccupied with the training and focus you will need to get to fight night. It’s important that you have an answer for everyone that won’t make them feel like you are just brushing them off. This link will take your friends and family to all the answers to any question they may have. Please be sure to direct them here. You can tell them they can access this link from –> –> Menu –> Guest Info


Sponsorship Information

Thanks to solid results since 2011, the Fight To End Cancer has raised over $1, 500,000.00 to date and has become a much-anticipated, corporate fundraiser in Toronto. In 2020, we will be entering our 9th year of production and are welcoming new sponsors on board in support of our mission. Donations to our auctions or raffles and financial sponsorship are just a couple ways we partner with companies. View Official 2020 Sponsorship Kit

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Fighter Raffle Examples

Every year at the Annual FTEC Gala, the Fight Team is featured in the “Fighter Raffle”. This has always been one of our most popular attractions at the gala as it is a chance for the guests and your individual supporters to directly sponsor their favourite fighter or fighters. Raffle tickets are sold to guest, which they can choose to apply all to one individual fighter or they can divide their tickets between multiple fighters. We also award prizes to the fighter who weighs in that night with the most raffle ticket bids on their item.

FTEC2018 FULL Show  FTEC2019 FULL Show

All fighters should take some time to watch the pre-show portion of this program and all of the fights to get an idea of what the event is like.


We need the Fight Team, as ambassadors of the Fight To End Cancer, to help raise awareness and encourage your network to support you by coming out to the FTEC Events. These events are set up to help raise funds toward your overall team goal!

Leading up to the event and throughout the year, companies and FTEC Ambassadors work tirelessly to help raise funds, awareness and hope within their individual communities. Don’t miss out on any of these incredible opportunities. If you or your company is interested in creating your own campaign or fundraiser Contact Jen


Fighter Photos

This link will take you to folders for each individual fighter on the Fight To End Cancer fight team. Check your folders consistently leading up to the event as it will be populated frequently with new photos from training and photoshoots.


FTEC Official Logos and Vectors

Please download the official Fight To End Cancer logos and vector files. Please send all materials to be proofed by Jennifer Huggins before release of any personal advertisements.