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Thank you to those who were able to join us live for the FTEC 2024-25 Update Meeting held on January 17, 2024. Please find the meeting minutes, full recording, and next steps below.

This update meeting was held to give an exclusive preview of the exciting future ahead for Fight To End Cancer. Learn how you can become a valued personal or corporate ambassador and be a vital part of our impactful journey. We look forward to fighting with all of you! Together we will end cancer in our lifetime.

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Meeting summary for [UPDATE MEETING] Fight To End Cancer (01/17/2024)

Quick recap
Jennifer Huggins, founder of Fight To End Cancer, led a meeting to discuss the Fight to End Cancer organization’s plans for 2024 and beyond. The topics covered included updates on the organization’s activities, future events, and the FTEC deck. Jennifer emphasized the significance of gala events and the goal to raise $1 million annually. The meeting also covered the plan to revive the Friday Night Fights series, the ambassador program, and the need for volunteers and partners.

Fight to End Cancer’s Future Plans:
Jennifer, the founder of Fight to End Cancer, held an update meeting to discuss the organization’s plans for 2024 and beyond. The meeting included an update from Dr. Jonathan Irish, Chair in Surgical Oncology at The Princess Margaret, and updates about the organization’s activities, including volunteer opportunities and the planning for future events and initiatives. The discussion also included a review of the FTEC deck and next steps for the organization’s initiatives. Jennifer emphasized the importance of the organization’s gala events and the contributions of its ambassadors (corporate and individual).

Fundraising Efforts
Jennifer highlighted the significant contributions of Amanda Galle, a trailblazer in the sport of boxing and an official FTEC Ambassador. They also discussed the success of the 2023 Grafton Apparel initiative, which raised nearly $500,000 in 2023 through nationwide fundraising efforts. Jennifer also introduced Dr. Jonathan, a leading cancer researcher and doctor at The Princess Margaret. They stressed the importance of the funds raised by FTEC and the goal to raise $1 million annually. They also mentioned the ambassador program, which plays a vital role in fundraising and supporting the GTx research program at The Princess Margaret. “The gala, the main event of FTEC, is scheduled to take place May 31, 2025. Various events and initiatives will precede the 2025 gala.

Friday Night Fights Revival Plan

Jennifer discussed the plan to revive the Friday Night Fights series, which will be open to anyone interested in participating and will feature competitive boxers in both a signature event and open for participation by international boxers (independent events). The goal is to secure a venue that can accommodate between 500 to 1,000 people for the signature event. Additionally, they aim to make the fight series more accessible by offering lower ticket prices, encouraging increased participation from individuals as fighters, sponsors, and guests.

Jennifer also touched on the ambassador program, allowing individuals to create their fundraisers. There was an expressed need for a social media team to help maintain the organization’s online presence. Finally, they emphasized the importance of volunteers and mentioned the organization’s search for domestic and international partners.

More About The Friday Night Fight Series

Volunteer, Sponsor, and Website Support Needed
Jennifer discussed the need for volunteers to support different aspects of the organization, including web support, social media, sponsorship, marketing and public relations, and event support. They also mentioned the need for someone proficient in website management. Jennifer also highlighted the importance of volunteers being well-informed about the cause and its integration with the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Furthermore, Jennifer emphasized the ongoing need for sponsors and partners for their events.

Ambassadorship and Fundraising
Jennifer discussed the role of an ambassador in the Fight To End Cancer, emphasizing that it’s a journey each individual defines for themselves. Meeting attendees shared their personal experiences and battles, highlighting the significance of the fight even on the hardest days. Jennifer mentioned the upcoming golf tournament, aiming to secure a location and date, and asked participants for updates on any other ideas or initiatives. They also addressed the 2025 gala, stressing the need to start planning for it now. Jennifer encouraged everyone to get involved in the fight, either as an ambassador or by participating in events. Towards the end of the meeting, Ty shared his experiences as an ambassador, including his team’s fundraising efforts for the “Run to End Cancer” campaign.

Event and Future Collaboration
Jennifer praised the team’s efforts in organizing past events and initiatives and expressed interest in collaborating with them in the future. They also discussed the experiences of various team members. Shireen Fabing, FTEC Fighter Alumni, shared her personal experience as a fighter in 2013 and encouraged others to consider fighting. Sal expressed willingness to increase their involvement as sponsors in future events and Jennifer expressed hope that they would participate in the upcoming fight series and next gala. Jennifer also highlighted the importance of maintaining control over their brand’s representation and hinted at a need for help in this area.

Next steps

  • Jennifer will send out the meeting recording, presentation deck, and links mentioned during the meeting (the presentation deck is not yet for distribution)
  •  Interested volunteers and ambassadors should reach out to Jennifer or Kat for opportunities to support the Fight To End Cancer and/or Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation events. Contact Us
  • Jennifer, Liz and Rennie will work on securing logistics and date for the spring golf tournament. Currently looking at May 16
  • Jennifer will have a conversation with Sal about Labatt’s potential involvement in the ambassador events.
  • Rob will lightly secure his team for the gala in May 2025.
  • Tyler will organize the Ottawa International Marathon with a higher fundraising goal.
  • Jennifer will work to secure venue and begin planning of Friday Night Fight Series
  • FTEC will begin solidifying year round and event specific teams
  • Discussions with current and new sponsors to secure 2024-25 sponsorship
  • Currently looking for FTEC Fight Series Boxers: More Info/Apply Now (Tryouts for FTEC2025 Corporate Gala will be held in Sept. 2024)