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Join Julie Poulin of Oxygen Yoga and Fitness in Her Exclusive Boxing and Yoga Fusion Fundraiser Class

Official Fight To End Cancer Ambassador, Julie Poulin, is set to lead an extraordinary event, merging the worlds of boxing and yoga for a meaningful cause.

“The decision for OYF South Whitby to support the Fight to End Cancer is deeply personal and profoundly impactful. Cancer has touched the lives of numerous members within our studio, including our dedicated staff, their families, and our wider community. For Julie Poulin, the cause hits particularly close to home, as both her parents have bravely faced battles with cancer. Through her journey, she witnessed firsthand the resilience fostered through treatment, surgeries, and the unwavering support of institutions like Princess Margaret Hospital and Lakeridge Health Corporation. As a franchise owner for Oxygen Yoga and Fitness, Julie emphasizes the holistic importance of physical, mental, and emotional well-being, echoing the studio’s mantra, ‘I Love My Life.’ This ethos perfectly aligns with the ethos of the Fight to End Cancer, emphasizing the importance of unity and support in facing life’s challenges.”

~ Julie Poulin

Teaming up with The FTEC2024 Team, they stand together in solidarity to combat the pervasive impact of cancer. With a bold aim to raise $3 million in 2024, all proceeds from the event will contribute to groundbreaking research at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

About Event:
Elevate Your Impact: Exclusive Boxing and Stretching Fundraising Classes at Oxygen Yoga and Fitness

Experience the fusion of philanthropy and fitness at our South Whitby studio as we host specialized boxing and stretching fundraising classes. Step into our far infrared heated studio and join forces with our dedicated team members and community to make a difference. Led by our compassionate instructor, Vikki Vansickle, these powerful sessions promise to invigorate your body and spirit while contributing to a noble cause. Join us as we unite in strength and purpose, embracing the transformative power of giving back.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 27th, from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Please note that participation is restricted to individuals aged 16 and over.

The event will take place at South Whitby Yoga and Fitness, located at Unit A01106A-80 Thickson Road, Whitby, ON. For inquiries, contact 365 885 8682

What to Bring:
Come prepared with your yoga mat, towel, and a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the session.

Secure your spot early with Early Bird Tickets priced at $20.00. Regular admission is $30.00 from March 25, 2024. Can’t attend? No problem! Every ticket purchased contributes directly to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Additionally, donations to Julie’s fundraising goal are welcomed through direct sponsorship.

About South Whitby Oxygen Yoga and Fitness

At OYF, we redefine the yoga experience, offering a diverse range of 45 and 60-minute fusion classes blending yoga with intense cardio and core workouts. Our sessions encompass balance training, flexibility, and strength exercises, complemented by deep breathing techniques and relaxation methods, all enhanced by state-of-the-art FAR Infrared heat therapy. Step into our studio and embrace the fire within you as you flow to the hottest beats in a candle-lit, immersive environment. Discover a new level of physical and mental empowerment with every session.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join Julie Poulin and the South Whitby Oxygen Yoga and Fitness community as we unite in the Fight to End Cancer. Grab your tickets, spread the word, and let’s make a difference together!

About The Fight To End Cancer

The Fight To End Cancer (FTEC) is a year-round initiative carried out by ambassadors, sponsors and volunteers worldwide.  Nearly $3 million dollars has been donated to date, since our inaugural year, in 2012.  Funds raised by FTEC are donated directly to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.  Each year we celebrate the incredible hard work and dedication of our FTEC family with a black-tie charity boxing gala.  This gala showcases ten men and women who represent our Official Fight Team.  Our goal is to raise funds for cancer research year-round with the support of the local community and business owners.  Let’s make a difference now in the fight to end cancer, for a long and successful future for everyone.  This is an event like no other and has quickly become one of the most anticipated events in Toronto.

About The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation at University Health Network raises funds for breakthrough research, exemplary teaching and compassionate care at Princess Margaret Hospital and its research arm, the Ontario Cancer Institute, which now includes The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute and The Campbell Family Breast Cancer Research Institute. More information about the Foundation can be found at