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GRAFTON APPAREL FEATURE: Cancer Does Not Take A Break… Why Should We?

Throughout September and October, visit any Tip Top TailorsGeorge Richards  and Mr. Big & Tall Menswear across Canada to pick up your 2021 Commemorative Fight To End Cancer Key Chain, Lapel Pin or Tie Bar.

Grafton Apparel has been a proud partner of The Fight to End Cancer since 2014 and has become a key presenting partner since 2020. Thanks to their immense support and nationwide initiatives, The Fight to End Cancer has gained nearly $400,000 in donations since 2017 with 2019 alone bringing in a whoping $223,000.
This year however, has been a year like no other. It has been better! When speaking with their marketing manager, we learned that despite 2020 bringing lots of uncertainty and lock-downs pushing their plans behind schedule, 2021 was their “biggest and best year yet, with the best assets.” They decided to steer away from their silver theme to a more red theme in order to reflect their support in The Fight to End Cancer. They have also added a key-ring/key-chain to their collection, tailoring to both men and women.
They are focusing on in-store initiatives in order to ensure safety and have lots on the horizon, including contests, pizza parties, draws and gifting supporters the new-addition key-chain, as a token of their appreciation.

Grafton Apparel President, Lance Itkoff gives an interview on the Grafton Tie bar sold for donations across Canada at all stores including Tip Top Tailors, George Richards and Mr. Big & Tall Menswear.

Wear Your Support!

Throughout September and October, visit any Tip Top TailorsGeorge Richards and Mr. Big & Tall Menswear across Canada to pick up your 2021 Commemorative Fight To End Cancer Key Chain, Lapel Pin or Tie Bar.
Grafton Apparel launched their in-store campaign to help support The Fight to End Cancer on September 13, 2021. They have already accomplished to reach $27,000 of their $250,000 goal for this year and it only gets better. With loads of new initiatives coming up, such as who raised the most donation Pizza parties, raffles, draws, prizes and talent shows, Grafton Apparel, along with their partnering companies, are expecting another successfully wonderful year.
Grafton Apparel is working extremely hard in keeping the public engaged in their initiative because although COVID19 may have been the main concern for 2020, cancer cannot be put on hold. The impacts of cancer are very much prevalent and those working towards fighting it should not put their work on hold either. Grafton Apparel President, Lance Itkoff, personally sent out emails to all vendors and supporters to encourage and thank them for their ongoing support, even during such unprecedented times.

Ed Portillo, host of Grafton’s Got Talent, in support of the FTEC campaign, blossomed into a magical evening of musical entertainment and friendship.

Grafton Apparel Team

The Grafton Apparel Team is a tight-knit company that believes in supporting our noble cause and welcomes all forms of support and each and every member of the large team (consisting of nearly 1000 employees) is working hard to ensure a future free of cancer.
We could not be prouder to have Grafton Apparel in our corner as we work towards smashing barriers and reaching new heights for cancer research with Fight To End Cancer and the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.  We are blown away by the dedication and loyalty that they have shown to the cause over the years and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration!

Grafton Apparel store managers from across Canada, have helped to raise nearly $400,000 in direct donations over the past 4 years.

Donate Now

As the leading Canadian seller of men’s apparel, Grafton Apparel Ltd. operates through its retail chains; Tip Top TailorsGeorge Richards and Mr. Big & Tall Menswear.

The Fight To End Cancer (FTEC) is a year-round initiative carried out by ambassadors, sponsors and volunteers worldwide.  Over $1.5 million dollars has been donated to date since our inaugural year in 2012.  Funds raised by FTEC are donated directly to the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  Each year we celebrate the incredible hard work and dedication of our FTEC family with a black-tie charity boxing gala.  This gala showcases ten men and women who represent our Official Fight Team.  Our goal is to raise funds for cancer research year-round with the support of the local community and business owners.  Let’s make a difference now in the fight to end cancer for a long and successful future for everyone.  This is an event like no other and has quickly become one of the most anticipated events in Toronto.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre at University Health Network raises funds for breakthrough research, exemplary teaching and compassionate care at Princess Margaret Hospital and its research arm, the Ontario Cancer Institute, which now includes The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute and The Campbell Family Breast Cancer Research Institute. More information about the Foundation can be found at