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FTEC Story

Paige Cunningham

By March 6, 2016January 6th, 2022No Comments

Working at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, I am overwhelmed with the number of stories I hear everyday about CANCER. Some are terrible and devastating and make me want to work that much harder everyday, so I don’t have to hear anything like them again. On the other hand, I hear so many success stories and stories of joy and happiness that cancer has been BEATEN. These ALSO make me want to work harder so I can continue to hear those stories.
I’m fighting to give those fighting cancer a chance, and I’m fighting so we can decrease the number of people that hear the words “you have cancer.”
Everyone, in one way or another, has been or will be affected by cancer. Personally, I have lost aunts and both of my grandfathers to this terrible disease. I have many loved ones who continue to fight with cancer as we speak and some who went through the cancer journey and came out on top. Every fight is different.
My grandpa died of prostate cancer in 2000. In 2005, I found out that my dad also had prostate cancer. With little knowledge of cancer as a whole – I immediately thought the worst. My dad had a prostatectomy and THANKFULLY is coming up on his 10th year, CANCER FREE. I feel so blessed and VERY lucky.
My hope for the future is that enough preventative measures will be in place so that NO ONE will have to face up against cancer EVER again and that we can provide enough funds to help the amazing researchers at The Princess Margaret (how lucky are we to have this establishment in Toronto?) come up with treatment and advancements to further the FIGHT to end cancer.
The fight to end cancer is an uphill battle for everyone involved. It is a group effort and without funds raised so researchers can work their magic, there would be no advancements made.