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It takes a special kind of person to become a Fight To End Cancer fighter. In four years of operation, we have had over 40 brave men and women step into the ring to literally fight cancer.  Each fighter has become true family in our quest to raise funds for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, with the ultimate goal – Ending Cancer In Our Lifetime. This mission held especially true for 2015 FTEC Fighter, Paige Cunningham.

Paige Cunningham with her David P. Harris Award presented by

Paige Cunningham presented with award by Melanie Harris (Wife of the late David P. Harris)

After the record breaking Fight To End Cancer Gala in May 2015, Paige went on to receive The David P. Harris Courage Award. This award recognizes a staff member of The PMCF, who demonstrates unwavering passion, excellence, dedication and courage in furthering the Foundation’s purpose of raising and stewarding funds for cancer research.
Congratulations Paige! We wanted to share with you the recommendation letter that was submitted on Paige’s behalf by Jennifer Huggins, Executive Director and Founder of the Fight To End Cancer.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter to assist in the nomination process of Paige Cunningham for the David P. Harris Courage Award. My name is Jennifer Huggins, Founder and Executive Director of the Fight To End Cancer. I was honoured to have spent the past year with Paige as a fight team member of our annual Fight To End Cancer Charity Gala in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. When Paige came forward after attending the event in 2014, she told me that she was willing to do whatever it takes to step into the ring and fight in 2015’s event.
Though many apply for this position (over 50 applications came in for 2015 alone), most do not meet the strict criteria needed to participate in a fully sanctioned, Olympic-style competitive boxing event. To become a fighter is an incredible feat in itself; however, the fact that Paige would be representing the PMCF in her fight meant an extraordinary added pressure that was unique from what any of the other fighters would ever have to overcome. Not one to back down from a challenge, Paige was determined to fight inside of the FTEC ring. She managed to garner the support of the whole team at the PMCF and from the local community, as her story began to spread.

Paige Cunningham (Photo Credit Al Quintero Photography)

Paige Cunningham (Photo Credit Al Quintero Photography)

As the year progressed, I was given the opportunity to learn Paige’s incredible story of bravery and personal struggles of cancer affecting those she loved. By finding it within herself to share her journey with the world through a personal blog that she updated weekly, she taught many how to take back the power that cancer can strip from individuals and their loved ones. Everything that Paige committed to, she not only followed through on – she inspired others.
Training for a fight requires commitment, hard work, and an unprecedented amount of courage. After singlehandedly raising nearly $9,000.00 in funds for PMCF, Paige stepped into the ring on May 30, 2015 and fought her heart out in front of over 700 spectators – more than 40 of which, included friends and family members. When the final bell rang and Paige’s hand was raised as the winner, the room was deafening with support. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of being bestowed the prestigious David P. Harris Courage Award, than Paige Cunningham.

 Yours in the Fight To End Cancer,

 Jennifer Huggins | Founder, Executive Director