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2014 FightersBout 3

Peter Temoche

By December 30, 2014January 6th, 2022No Comments

The Fight to End Cancer is important to me because i have seen how cancer can affect everyone. I have personally seen what cancer can do, I’ve seen it affect my immediate family, my mom fought breast cancer. I have also seen cancer affect my second family. My firefighting family. Being a firefighter, I know I am at an increased risk for developing certain cancers in my life time. This is something that every firefighter knows. We do what we can to protect ourselves and try to prevent exposure to smoke and carcinogens as much as possible. But it’s a hard reality knowing that because of my job, a job that I love and one that I am fiercely proud to be a part of, can cause me to have a shorten life span. This is a risk I know and accept.
So I’ll fight. I’ll fight to try and end cancer, not for myself but for my family and I’ll fight because no one should ever have to say any early goodbyes.
– Peter Temoche