About What Are You Fighting For


W.A.Y.F.F. Global Ltd. is the parent company of Fight To End Cancer and many other events benefiting those who need it most. WAYFF has made it our corporate initiative to build business that gives back directly to its community.

WAYFF Youth Fundraising Challenge

The WAYFF Youth Fundraising Challenge is focused on getting young people involved in raising funds for important causes. Our mentors will work with schools and youth programs in the community to help set up these challenges.

As we forge new partnerships with companies we hope to raise our donations to the affiliated charities and better reward the teams participating. If you are interested in getting your school, youth program or sports team involved with this initiative please contact: info@wayffglobal.com

WAYFF Sponsorship

The WAYFF Sponsorship is our newest campaign launched in 2013. This sponsorship is meant for athletes who need assistance in travel outside of North America to represent their country in competition. To qualify to receive this scholarship, you must submit your athletic resume of achievements and proof of enrolment in an international competition. Please request application form for the chance to be chosen as:

  • The face of the What Are You Fighting For Campaign
  • One international flight to compete for Canada, or the USA  (up to $1,500.00)