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After a courageous personal struggle with cancer, Jennifer Huggins, the Founder of Fight To End Cancer, presented Af Marseh with the FTEC Ambassador Award during their attendance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

Fight To End Cancer Ambassador Af Marseh Achieves Best-Seller Status with Powerful Memoir ‘Tumorous Hesticles: Just Say Cancer

Af’s memoir unfolds at the Rio 2016 Olympics boxing event, where amidst the thrill and intensity of world-class boxing, he uncovered a life-altering tumor.

This defining moment signifies the commencement of his personal battle against cancer, mirroring the bouts of determination and endurance witnessed in the boxing world. His narrative stands as a testament to the strength and tenacity demanded both in the ring and in the face of adversity.

Af Marseh departed from his comfortable 9-5 job in England to embark on an assignment at the Rio Olympics in Brazil. What was anticipated to be a South American travel adventure swiftly transformed into a journey of surgery, chemotherapy, and an inspirational narrative of maintaining a positive mindset.

Since then, Af has emerged as a dedicated ambassador for Fight To End Cancer, extending his support to numerous individuals navigating their own cancer journeys. His experiences and strategies for overcoming cancer have now been eloquently captured in the best-selling book, “Tumorous Hesticles: Just Say Cancer.”

Far beyond a chronicle of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, this book encapsulates the fighting spirit, drawing poignant parallels between the resilience witnessed in the boxing ring and the arduous battle against cancer. It serves as a profound companion for anyone touched by cancer, encompassing not only those undergoing treatment but also their families, friends, and colleagues.

Renowned as a Fight To End Cancer ambassador, Af Marseh achieves literary acclaim with his poignant cancer memoir, ‘Tumorous Hesticles: Just Say Cancer,’ soaring to the pinnacle of the bestseller charts at number 1!

The book’s release has ignited widespread acclaim, swiftly securing the top spot on Amazon’s Oncology bestseller list. Af’s narrative serves as a powerful rallying cry, receiving support from none other than world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and national boxing squads worldwide, who showered him with messages of encouragement and solidarity. Reflecting on their support, Af expressed, “Their backing during my journey felt like having them in my corner, a vital element akin to the supportive ethos of Fight To End Cancer.”

Trekstock, a prominent Young Adults Cancer Charity, praises the memoir as an essential read, seamlessly blending humor with raw insights into the realities of cancer. This narrative stands as an inspiration for anyone touched by cancer, offering not only support and guidance but also drawing a compelling parallel to the courageous battles fought in the boxing ring. Trekstock commented, “Af sheds light on the realities of cancer with wit and realism. A must-read for young people and families navigating similar experiences.”

Given Af’s discovery of his tumor while working in the boxing world and the subsequent support from the boxing community, striking similarities and poignant comparisons emerge between his fight against cancer and his experiences in the boxing arena.

“Tumorous Hesticles – Just Say Cancer” is now accessible on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. Every purchase invites the reader to step into the shoes and bedside of a young person navigating cancer treatment. Providing guidance on what to say and what to avoid, it’s a journey into the ring as we persist in delivering the knockout blow to cancer.

Join the Fight To End Cancer team in supporting Af’s latest book release and making sure it gets into the hands of families and friends that need it most. You Got This!

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