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ANNOUNCEMENT: Toronto Musicians MATATA 6 Join The Fight To End Cancer 2021

March 11, 2020
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Fight for the Future of Henry and Eddie

ANNOUNCEMENT: Toronto Musicians MATATA 6 Is Reloading With Fight To End Cancer 2021

Mponda Kalunga – Lead Singer of Matata 6

We are extremely excited to announce MATATA 6 as our feature performers for our FTEC2021 Reloaded Fight To End Cancer Gala at The Old Mill Toronto.

Originally scheduled to perform at the 2020 gala, Mponda Kalunga (lead singer for the group), had no hesitation committing to the future date. He’s so committed to the cause, that he can’t wait!  Stay tuned for the announcement of his charity leadup performance in support of the Fight To End Cancer!

MATATA 6 has travelled the world and have been collecting influences from all over the Globe, while perfecting the essence of storytelling through their music. These Toronto Natives have captured our hearts and ears with their soulful ballads and catchy melodies.

If you needed another reason to be excited about this band, we have it for you!  FTEC Founder, Jennifer Huggins, first came across MATATA 6 at an event she was working last year.  Jennifer thought they were incredible and was sure she recognized the lead singer. She showed the video of the band in action to Fight Photographer and Head Coach, Virgil Barrow, and he pulled it all together. Mponda Kalunga was not only the lead singer of this band, but he has represented Canada as an amateur and is now a celebrated professional boxer that Virgil has photographed in action.

We took some time to get his thoughts on music, boxing and the Fight To End Cancer:

“Music and boxing are a big part of my life. They’ve been good outlets to express myself. They make me a better person. The process of writing music and fighting is very similar. You have to look at things outside of the box, even-though you’re literally inside a box. You have to be yourself because that’s your biggest strength.

I started boxing at 16 years old and competed in the 2007 Canada Winter Games a year later, bringing back silver for my Province. That gave me a lot of confidence and it made me realize that the work I had put into training had paid off.  Winning the silver medal showed me that I could achieve whatever I put my time and energy into. I’ve come to learn so much about myself through boxing – both my strengths and weaknesses. I am empowered because of it. The success I’m having as a professional is a part of that.

The boxing and music industries have similarities and differences. They are both about entertainment. The process of writing music and preparing for a fight is the same. The best work is done the more present you are. You have to be comfortable failing in front of a crowd. There’s always a bit of nervousness before performing in both, which is good.

We’re so honoured to be featured at the Fight To End Cancer gala. Fighting to end cancer is important to us because it’s about empowerment and strength in unity. We fight for what we believe in. We are proud to play our music for such a worthy cause.”

~ Mponda Kalunga | Lead Singer, Matata 6

Mponda Kalunga wins his 9th professional bout against the undefeated Jordan McCue
Photo Credit: Virgil Barrow

MATATA 6 are true heroes in the Fight To End Cancer and we couldn’t be more grateful to have them on the team! We are always looking for more people ready to  Join The Fight! Together we can end cancer once and for all!


MATATA 6’s music celebrates diversity. The Toronto band originally formed for the love of original music and to showcase the cultural mosaic in Canada. Their music is a mixture of soul-world-folk with Afro influences. Their songs have a groovy beat and catchy melodies that focus on storytelling. MATATA 6 became the official ambassadors of The Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund, in 2017; In continuing to unite, encourage, empower, and promote self-expression.


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