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Raised To Date By Team Amanda $3,695.00

What Does The Fight To End Cancer Mean To Me?
This past year has proven to be difficult, once again.  My grandma was living with us and a year ago, she lost her footing and landed on her bottom.  Six months after the fall, we had not noticed much progression in the physical tasks she enjoys. We went to the doctor to determine the cause of her continuous discomfort.  We were informed that she has a tumour in her anal cavity, after a month of several tests.  She is 87, did 2 weeks of radiation to reduce the tumour and at her follow up one month ago, the tumour has increased in size.  There is nothing the doctors can do, due to her age.  The pain is minimized with medication.
In September of 2018, my mom’s breast cancer had reappeared and metastasized into her liver, chest wall and slightly in her bones, including concerning spots in her femur bone on her left leg.  She is currently undergoing chemotherapy through pill form, as well as hormone suppressor treatments, through bi-weekly injections.
So, when I am asked what the term cancer means to me, I say to you – it is responsible for the loss of my grandfather Carmine, the pain my grandmother Paulina is suffering, and the fight my mom is undergoing.
The term cancer has caused opponents that I have faced to defeat me in the ring, but it was not my opponents that beat me, it was cancer around me.  The support I have extended to my family over and over has consumed so much of me.
The term cancer is the reason I train physically 2- 4 hours every day, to better myself mentally so that emotionally I can guide and support my mother to victory!  I physically fight with my two hands.  I cannot overcome and fight for, her for everything she has to go through physically, emotionally and spiritually.
So, I do this in honour of her.  I do this to execute the rage I feel.  I do this to be stable enough to endure it all, and most of all I do this in honour of those it has defeated!

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