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The Honour Of Fighting Cancer | Featuring Olympic Trophies

By April 28, 2017January 6th, 2022No Comments

26 - Olympic Trophies ad

Olympic Trophies have been our official trophies and awards supplier for the Fight To End Cancer since the very beginning. They also created the official FTEC Belt, awarded to the main event winner each year!

The Honour Of Fighting Cancer | Featuring Olympic Trophies

They provide awards to all of our sponsors, as well as medals and trophies to the team of heroes who step into the ring each year.  They supply dedication plaques to those we’re fighting for and quietly work to honour the world around them.  Leo Denino and his team at Olympic Trophies have been supporters of the Fight To End Cancer since the very beginning, and they continue to be our heroes.  Providing awards for all types of corporate functions and sporting events, Olympic Trophies has a decorated history of being extremely involved in the community.  As our official supplier of corporate awards and trophies for our annual galas, we would like to take this moment to show you what makes them the leaders in their industry.
Thank you Olympic Trophies for joining us in the Fight To End Cancer!
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For over 50 years now our team has provided exceptional service with dedicated, detailed craftsmanship on every order which goes out our doors.  Generations of team members have passed along valuable skills and knowledge, which in turn helps us today, to provide you with the best service possible.
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