Calling All White Collar Fighters | Join The Fight To End Cancer 2018

August 1, 2017
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Join The Fight To End Cancer 2018

On June 2nd 2018, ten brave men and women will be putting on the gloves and stepping into the ring in a fully licensed amateur boxing bout. Their goal? To punch cancer in the face! Countless hours will be spent in the gym as they prep for the big night.

The decision to fight for such a meaningful cause is life changing. You are a true hero whether you embark on this journey for yourself, a family member or a friend who is fighting, or has had to fight cancer.

This video showcases the brave men and women of FTEC2017, who dedicated their lives to joining the Fight To End Cancer. If you’re interested in joining the fight, or even stepping into the ring as a charity boxer, check out the link below.

Join The Fight