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Leading up to Fight Night we will be featuring one of the incredible men and women who have joined the Fight to End Cancer in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Meet our #FeaturedFighter, out of the Blue Corner Randy Woods, sponsored by nonlinear
AND NOW… FOR THE MAIN EVENT!  Randy ‘The Deep Dark’ Woods, in the blue corner, will be battling it out, in not his first, but his second boxing match to raise money for cancer research.  Randy is the co-founder and president of Nonlinear, a global digital agency.  He will be stepping into the ring for the second time, in honour of friends past and present, who are dealing with the disease.  He believes “some battles are worth fighting twice.”  His claim to fame?  Being punched in the face repeatedly by the current Prime Minister of Canada.

How did you get involved with the Fight to End Cancer?

“About six years ago I participated as a fighter in the Ottawa-based Fight For The Cure.
Jennifer Huggins was kind enough to help me warm up.  That experience led me to stay in touch with Jennifer as she poured her passion into FTEC.”

Who are you dedicating your fight to?

“Mark Lockhart.  That’s the latest name I’m putting on the face of cancer.  He died last year after a one-year battle with cancer at the age of 47.  His death affected a whole community. He was a single father of 2 boys and a lifelong friend to those lucky enough to have been part of his life .”

Randy and his opponent both set massive $20,000 goals in the hopes of making real change happen in our lifetime.  So far Randy has reach nearly 50% of his goal, but he is looking for support wherever he can, to hit that 20k mark!  Help him HERE.
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Randy, and his brother Jeff Woods.

Randy, and his brother Jeff Woods.

What do you think of your opponent?

“I know he’s both courageous and dedicated.  The preparation for this event is seriously intense, as is the event itself.  He’s putting himself on the line in the battle to end cancer and that’s admirable.  I’m going to keep saying he’s admirable right until the first time one of his punches lands on my jaw.  I may find a different set of adjectives after that first punch…”

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Randy training hard for the May 27th fight! Photo Credit: Virgil Barrow

Randy training hard for the May 27th fight!
Photo Credit: Virgil Barrow

How’s your training going so far? Any surprises?

“Although my ego doesn’t want to admit it, my body is no longer 25 years old.  Quite a disappointing surprise, really.”

Any final thoughts?

“The long term objective is clear – conquer cancer in our life time.  The short term objective is equally clear – raise funds for the research to make this happen.  The Princess Margaret is one of 5 premier cancer research centres in the entire world. Let’s help them get the job done!

The clock is ticking – the fight is only weeks away – and I need your help to hit my $20,000 goal.  Please, if you can, support me in this great cause.”

Can’t make it to the gala to see Randy and Mark duke it out for the Main Event Title Match? Join us at BRAZEN HEAD for our BRING THE BEATS LIVE-TO-AIR PARTY and catch all of the fights live on May 27th.

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