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10 - FTEC2017 Fight Team Announcement


Article By: Erica McMaster, PR Director
Friday February 10, 2017

The Fight To End Cancer is now in it’s 6th year and Executive Director, Jennifer Huggins along with her team continue to wow us with their complete commitment to the cause, which raises money for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.
On May 27th 2017, ten brave men and women will be putting on the gloves and stepping into the ring in a fully licensed amateur boxing bout.  Their goal?  To punch cancer in the face! Countless hours will be spent in the gym as they prep for the big night.  There may be blood, there will be lots of sweat, and there will most likely be tears, all in the name of knocking out cancer in our lifetime.  The team goal of $200,000.00, new this year, allows each fighter to specify where they want their personal fundraising dollars to go.  The many areas of research include Breast Cancer research, Immunotherapy or the psychosocial aspects of cancer.
With the countdown on for fight night, they have their work cut out for them, both in and out of the ring.  Each fighter juggle demanding careers, young families and everything in between, while spending upwards of 8 hours a week in the gym.  You probably think this is the kind of thing only superheroes are capable of and you’re not far from the truth!

Let’s meet the FTEC2017 Fight Team shall we?

Bout 1: William Iafano vs. Brandon Glynn
Sponsored By: Eagle Professional Resources

Red Corner: Will ‘The Thrill’ Iafano
Boxer Sponsored By: State Window Corp.
” Providing custom window wall systems to North America’s leading developers. “

William’s involvement in FTEC will mark the third consecutive time a fighter has come from PCL Constructors Canada Inc, where he works as a project coordinator.  Will says he might just try his hand at stand up comedy when he’s finished fighting his “spaghetti armed” opponent! Until then, he has these choice words for Brandon: “Pack a few extra pairs of depends, extra absorbent, you may need to double up.”  Ouch!

Blue Corner: Brandon ‘Payday’ Glynn
Boxer Sponsored By: Make it Happen Media

Brandon is an account executive with Eagle Professional Resources, a longtime sponsor of FTEC.  He has big boots to fill as his company VP, Brendan Malone, fought three years ago and won.  He doesn’t have any advice for his opponent (at this point in time), but he has put in writing, that he cannot get beaten by a guy that wears crocs.

Bout 2: Chris Small vs. Michael Sinanan

Red Corner: Chris ‘Notorious’ Small
Boxer Sponsored By: Wolfepoint Consulting
~ “Transition. Transform. Optimize”

Chris owns Wolfepoint Consulting, where he helps organizations get the most out of their technology investment dollars.  His mission statement, as he candidly puts it, is to “maximize my billable hours through the creation of overly long and complicated documents using complicated and somewhat ambiguous language supported by graphics laden PowerPoint presentations which together form an impressive, if slightly useless, set of documents that organizations leave on their bookshelf.”  Seems there’s more than just one funny man on the team this year!

Blue Corner: Michael ‘The Magic’ Sinanan
Boxer Sponsored By: Old Mill Toronto
~ Your place for a Great Experience

Michael thankfully appears to have a great sense of humour.  When asked what advantage he might have over Chris, the award-winning communication designer told us it was nothing to over think because he’s “stronger, faster and more tactical”  – in other words, he’s pretty confident he’ll win.  His company, Brainmetal Design, recently celebrated it’s 7th anniversary and no doubt he will be drawing on his graphic design expertise to come up with creative ways to fundraise!

Bout 3: Sebastian Salole vs. Andrew Noel
Sponsored By: RG Speed Control Devices

Blue Corner: Sebastian ‘The Underdog’ Salole
Boxer Sponsored By: Kimurawear
~ #IamAnAthlete

Sebastian, Bell Media Segment Producer by day, with his second baby barely out of the womb, figured the best way to ring in his 40’s would be to throw another ridiculous challenge on his plate.  He’s hoping that his unique ear flapping ability will come in handy on fight night and that the 20 lb weight loss Andrew needs to achieve will leave him weak and malnourished.

Red Corner: Andrew ‘The Lion’ Noel
Boxer Sponsored By: Gale Partners
~ “We help brands win by reimagining the future.”

Andrew is a Co-Founder of Gale Partners, a digital marketing agency, where he is SVP of Client Services.  He’s compared his hungry self to Bruce Banner, so come fight night, we might just see him unleash his version of the Hulk.  Let’s hope he doesn’t come out in a clown outfit, as there are unconfirmed reports that his opponent suffers from coulrophobia.

Co-Main Event: Allison Dellandrea vs. Kim Hamill
Sponsored By: COMBUSTION

The women’s bout this year is shaping up to be the fight of the night!  Both are distance runners and crossfit enthusiasts and both work in the legal world.

Red Corner: Allison ‘The Protector’ Dellandrea
Boxer Sponsored By: City Alliance Real Estate Services Ltd.
~ Making dreams come true one deal at a time

Allison is a criminal prosecutor (Crown Attorney) for the Ministry of the Attorney General, specializing in prosecuting Internet child exploitation cases.  She has a special connection to the Princess Margaret Hospital, as she received her own cancer treatment there.  This fight is a way for her to publicly thank the people at the PMH for helping get her health and strength back.  It’s also to raise funds towards the important research that will help other people struggling with this terrible disease.

Blue Corner: Kim ‘The Hammer’ Hamill
Boxer Sponsored By: DLA Piper (Canada) LLP
~ “Local service. Global reach. We deliver value and success wherever you do business.”

Kim  works for DLA Piper (Canada) LLP, where she helps run the practice of two labour and employment lawyers.  She is directing her personal fundraising dollars to pediatrics, because she feels that children have to fight harder to truly understand the depth of what a cancer diagnosis means.  She wants them to know that she (along with many others) are out there fighting for them.

Main Event: Mark Benoit vs. Randy Woods
Sponsored By: Landscape Plus Ltd.

Red Corner: Mark ‘Old Man Fighting’ Benoit
Boxer Sponsored By: Z103.5

Mark is the owner of a small consulting firm, MBCM, that specializes in the design and delivery of luxury hotels and resorts.  He decided to join the fight so that he could make a contribution beyond simply writing a cheque.

Blue Corner: Randy ‘The Deep Dark’ Woods
Boxer Sponsored By: nonlinear
~ Driving business value from the internet since 1995

Randy is the co-founder and president of Nonlinear, a global digital agency.  He will be stepping into the ring for the second time, in honour of friends past and present, who are dealing with the disease.  He believes “some battles are worth fighting twice.”  His claim to fame?  Being punched in the face repeatedly by the current Prime Minister of Canada.
When asked if they had any advice to their opponent, they had this to say:

Mark:  In the words of Iron Maiden, “Run To The Hills..”

Randy:  Beer + deep dish pizza = great pre fight fuel.


For more info and to help this incredible group of individuals reach their fundraising goal, head to

Defeat Is Not An Option!