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Meet FTEC Fight Team Assistant Coach, TJ Mosher…

Coach TJ at Kingsway

Coach TJ holding the pads for FTEC 2016 boxer Kael Cruz as he prepared for the June 4th gala.

If you are a regular at the Kingsway Boxing Club, or follow the Fight To End Cancer (FTEC), then you know the Mosher family very well! Lynn Mosher is an amazing volunteer that has supported FTEC throughout the years. Her son decided to join the FTEC team just like she did – and TJ joined in a big way by helping train and develop the fighters for the big fight!
Three years ago, TJ began assisting Fight Team Head Coach Virgil Barrow in the corner on fight night. At this year’s edition of FTEC, you may have seen TJ take on a larger role on fight night, as he became one the main coaches in the corner for five of the fighters.  Implementing the game plan and strategies to the boxers that he helps train throughout the year. TJ has grown, as a coach, tremendously since he decided to volunteer with our organization.
Here’s a few words from his mentor, Virgil:

“Training the FTEC fighters is such a unique experience when you have 10 fighters who are prepping for a fight, it can be extremely stressful. TJ’s humour and his ability to diffuse any tension is superb and his growth as a coach speaks for itself. When you’re training fighters, you need the coaches to be on the same page and the trust I have in him, to execute the game plan, is incredible. “

We caught up with TJ last week to find out more about his journey with the Fight To End Cancer and how it has changed and impacted his life.

Can you tell us something about yourself first:

My name is TJ. I’m 26 years old. I have a diploma in Hospitality and I work as part of Landscape Plus Ltd’s Design/Build Team by day.

How long have you been coaching and volunteering with FTEC?

Coach TJ FTEC 2015

Assiant Coach TJ at FTEC 2015

I started helping out with the Fight To End Cancer 3 years ago when I moved home from Peterborough, after college.

How long have you been training and going to the Kingsway Boxing Club?

I have been a part of Kingsway boxing for 6 years (3 years before college and 3 years after college)

How did you find out about the club?

I found out about the club through my Aunt Betty Ann and my Mother Lynn

What got you interested in coaching the FTEC boxers? Why?

For the first 2 years of the Fight To End Cancer, I wasn’t able to help out because I was living in Peterborough going to school.  So, when I moved back I wanted to help out in anyway that I could.  Virgil approached me with the idea of helping him out with the fighters behind the scenes the night of (e.g. keeping them calm, holding pads and warming them up) and that really sparked my interest, because I have always been told that I would make a great coach in many different sports.  From there, it grew to the role of assistant coach.

How has FTEC impacted your life?

The Fight To End Cancer has been a huge and positive impact on my life. It has given me a purpose and a way to give back and help family, friends and strangers, who have been affected by cancer.

What about boxing do you enjoy the most and how did you get into the sport?

What I love the most about boxing is the strategic side of it.  When you’re across the ring from someone, you have to be thinking a few moves ahead for yourself and for your opponent.Coach TJ FTEC
I got into boxing through my Aunt Betty Ann and my Mother Lynn.  They were both doing classes with Virgil and figured I would like it and also thought that I would work well with Virgil.  Also, at the time I was playing high school football and saw videos online of some players doing boxing in the off season, so I thought it would be a great thing to help me for footwork.

What are some of the ways you help mentor and prepare the FTEC boxers during training and before their fight on the big night?

To be honest, I just try and be there for them whether it’s listen to any questions they have, staying late, or coming in early to help them train.  It’s all about being supportive because this is a totally new experience for them.

How did you feel the first time you stepped through the curtains and into the venue with the boxers you trained?

I felt absolutely blown away.  My Mother is the Reception Lead, so I know how many people are there, but when those curtains open it feels bigger then that number.  There’s a level of excitement because now we (Virgil, myself and the rest of the Fight Team) get to showcase the skills they’ve learned and we get to showcase the sport I love.

When you’re in the corner with your boxer, what are some of the words of wisdom that you are conveying to them?

I try to be a man of few words.  Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t.  I just tell them to trust in there training, do their best and to leave everything in that ring; because you don’t want the ‘what-ifs’ a few weeks later.

Coach TJ FTEC 2016

Coach TJ in the ring with FTEC2016 boxer Samantha Kyrstantos

Who are your favourite boxers? Why?

My favourite boxers are Floyd Mayweather Jr and Anthony Joshua.  I like Floyd because of how he lets his defence create his offence and I’m a huge football fan and, to me, defence wins championships.  I like Anthony Joshua because he is a very athletic heavyweight, which is how I think of myself.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in either trying out, or wanting to volunteer for the event?

DO IT!  It will honestly be one of the best decisions you have ever made and you will get to join the family that I am honoured to be a part of.