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 Is it possible that sitting is bad for one’s health? That’s quite the question…

We all sit at some point of our days, either at work, at our desk, on a stool at the bar or at home on the couch. We sit to rest or to concentrate during a task, but a new study completed by Western University’s Exercise and Health Psychology Laboratory, led by Harry Prapavessis has revealed some interesting results about our lifestyles.


Not all sitting is bad for your health! At Kingsway Boxing Club, the sparring class uses wall-sits to keep the boxers busy while they wrap their hands for sparring class. Wall-sit should be held for approximately 1.5 – 2 mins at a time.

The study found that long bouts of sitting (20 minutes or longer) can, “cause higher levels of fasting insulin and can increase an individual’s chance of getting type 2 diabetes, increased waist circumference… and increased risk of all-cause mortality.” Not only did the study speak about the high chance of developing type 2 diabetes with long periods of sitting but the study also states that,

“sedentary behaviour is related to cancer risks, specifically, colon, endometrial and lung cancer associated with extended sedentary time.”

We aren’t saying that sitting is a bad thing, sitting is needed for one to rest after a hard physical task however there are many different ways to stay active at your desk, at home, or even at school that you can do to lessen your chances of contracting cancer.

“This kind of trial is to start looking at ways of identifying people in society who spend a lot of time sitting like university students,” Prapavessis said. “And to try to give them some constructive ways to break up long periods of sitting because that seems to be the key.”

In a past article “Knocking Out Breast Cancer Is All In The Workout” we spoke about the importance of staying active, as physical activity reduces your risk of contracting breast cancer. There are many different ways to stay active instead of sitting on your buns. Many people have begun to use “standing desks” for a way to stay active while they work. Another good option includes standing from your desk after 10 mins of sitting to get in a couple of squats or burpees in is a great way to get that physical workout while you work.


Jumping squats a great way to get off the chair!

Another option you have in called “Dynamic Sitting” this is when one uses an exercise ball as a seat. The ball forces you to use and build your abdominal and back muscles and also allow you to increases your balance and stability while you sit. So essentially you are giving your body a workout while you sit!
It is also very important to make sure you still head out to the gym and get your physical activity. The science has shown that when you sweat and work hard you are not only living a healthy active lifestyle but you are battling against cancer as well!
The more we help others to exercise and get in shape the more we can fight back against cancer! We at the Fight to End Cancer Challenge you to get off the couch, stool, or office chair and stay active wherever you are! With your help we can end cancer within our lifetime and make the world a healthier place!


If you’re interested in helping our cause, or even becoming one of the fighters who lace up the gloves to fight the good fight, make sure to visit:

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