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These Heroes Have Already Raised 10% Of The 2017 $200,000.00 Fundraising Goal

Founded in 2011, the Fight To End Cancer has raised over $500,000.00, in support of cancer research, with proceeds going directly to the Princess Margaret Urgent Cancer Priorities Fund at the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.
Featuring a new group of white-collar men and women each year, with no prior boxing experience, Fight To End Cancer’s annual black tie gala concludes months of their intense training, in true Olympic-style boxing, and hard work in achieving personal fundraising goals. Fight To End Cancer has quickly grown to become a premium fundraiser and showcases these brave individuals, as they lace up their gloves and step into our ring to help knock out cancer.
Fight To End Cancer has one core mission; to end cancer. For us, there is no other option. Our motto is simple. Defeat Is NOT An Option.
Check out the #FTEC2017 Fight Team and get to know each of the fighters. Make a donation & find out why they will be taking on this important commitment.
100% of your donations go directly to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Charitable donation receipts will be issued for donations of $15 or more.


To my Friends, Family and Colleagues,
I am especially honored to announce that I have been selected to participate as a fighter in the 2017 Fight to End Cancer. The 2017 Fight to End Cancer is in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Through my participation in this event I will not only be training and boxing but I will also be raising funds which will be directly utilized in cancer research. The ultimate goal of this venture is To Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime!
When I step into the ring on May 27, 2017 I will be fighting in the memory of Dr. Lionel Everett Mcleod. Dr. Mcleod was not only a medical researcher of world renown, a Markle Scholar and an avid runner, hiker, sailor and a voracious reader. Lionel also served as the Dean of Medicine at the University of Calgary, was a founding President of the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, a President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and was possibly the kindest man I have ever met. Aside from Lionel’s numerous accolades and achievements, Lionel moved through his life with a profound sense of humility and modesty. These characteristics made him a person you not only wanted to spend time with but someone you immediately respected and admired. I was fortunate to spend much time with Lionel. Through his life Lionel gave unconditionally of his time, his mind and much of his energies towards the improvement of the human condition through medicine. After an acclaimed medical career and five months before his 66th  birthday, Lionel was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Four weeks after his diagnosis Lionel succumbed to the ravages of this disease. A man who gave his life for the betterment of others was robbed of his future. While I am fighting in memory of a fine man, I am really fighting to preserve and protect the future of all……fighting to beat cancer.
Please help me in this fight. Our collective future will benefit. With your help, I know we can make a difference. Thank you all for your support!
To the future!

Sponsor Mark Now


Mark Lockhart.  That’s the latest name I’m putting on the face of cancer.
He died last year after a one-year battle with cancer at the age of 47.  His death affected a whole community. He was a single father of 2 boys.  And a lifelong friend to those lucky enough to have been part of his life.
Mark is, unfortunately, only the most recent in a too-long list of cancer victims.  When I asked friends and colleagues how cancer had touched them, every single person had a story. Some tragic, some inspiring- all deeply felt.  That’s why I’m participating in the 6th Annual Fight to End Cancer.
The long term objective is clear – conquer cancer in our life time.  The short term objective is equally clear – raise funds for the research to make this happen.   The Princess Margaret is one of 5 premier cancer research centres in the world.  Let’s help them get the job done.
Thank you for joining the fight.

Sponsor Randy Now


My name is Kim Hamill.  I’ve never been punched in the face – but that’s about to change. On May 27, 2017 I will step in the boxing ring to participate in the 6th Annual Fight to End Cancer in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

In one form or another, we have all been affected by cancer.  I feel privileged to be a part of this fight and know that the next seven months will be demanding, both physically and mentally.  My fight pales in comparison to the real fight a person diagnosed with cancer faces every second, of every day.  I’m committed to providing hope and being in their corner as we get one step closer to conquering cancer in our lifetime.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the top 5 Cancer Research Centres in the world and is committed to continually raising the bar in virtually every area of cancer medicine including early detection, precision diagnostics, more targeted treatments and psychosocial support for patients and families.

By pledging your support to my fight, you will be taking a step with me to ensure Princess Margaret continues their ground breaking research towards conquering cancer in our lifetime.  With your help, I am hoping to reach my fundraising goal of $10,000 and to provide hope for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Together, let’s knock out cancer.
Thanks for your support!

Sponsor Kim Now

Dear Friends and Family,
I am honoured to be participating in the 6th Annual Fight to End Cancer in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.
I have a very personal interest in the goal of this event: to raise funds for cancer research at PMH.  As many of you are aware, I am a cancer survivor.   In 2004, when I was six months pregnant with our third child, I received my diagnosis of advanced thyroid cancer. I was told I needed immediate surgery to remove the tumour and affected lymph nodes, and that treatment would follow promptly after my baby’s birth.   Traces of the shock of that moment, and its impact on my whole family still linger with me today.
But thanks to the treatment and ongoing care that I receive at The Princess Margaret, my story is now a happy one.  My little Patrick weathered the storm of our diagnosis and surgery like a true fighter, and arrived in the world smiling (… and hasn’t really stopped smiling since).  After radiotherapy, and two more surgeries to deal with recurrence, I’m now remission, and have the privilege of good health.  I’m not afraid of my cancer anymore.  My caregivers at PMH have taken care of this fear.  And now it’s my turn to support their work, so that they can help other patients whose fears are not relieved, and whose lives depend on their results.
I am a survivor because of the great care I receive at PMH.  But my fight with cancer isn’t over, and it isn’t about me.   It continues, in honour of the loved ones that I have lost to the disease, and for one of my dearest friends who is in the final round of her lengthy cancer battle.  With your help, I hope to reach my goal of raising $15,000 in support of the cutting-edge cancer research of the Princess Margaret Cancer centre.  Together, we can help others to fight their way back to health, as I have been so fortunate to do.
Thank you so much for your love and support.

Sponsor Allison Now

Hello Friends, Family and Supporters,
Starting January 2017, I will be spending 6 months training and raising money in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation by participating in the 6th Annual Fight to End Cancer charity boxing event.
Every day, we are all affected by cancer in some way. Whether it’s a close friend or family member, or an acquaintance in our lives, we all have to face the wrenching effects of cancer – but that doesn’t mean we have to face it alone.
With your donations and support I’m committed to reaching my goal of $20,000, but your dollars and efforts aren’t intended for me. The donations you make are in honor of the loved ones we’ve lost, the current fighters, and the survivors who continue to fight – all you’ll be giving me is the motivation to work harder!
The next 6 months of training will be tough, physically and mentally, but that doesn’t compare to what others have endured in their own battle with cancer. That is why I am participating in the 5th Annual Fight to End Cancer. I am raising research dollars – with a vision of reaching the ultimate goal: Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime!
Thank you all for your support on my journey

Sponsor William Now

My name is Brandon Glynn, and I could not feel more honoured to be selected to represent and support The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in its 6th annual Fight to End Cancer.
Like so many, my life, and that of my family’s, have been directly affected by cancer. Sadly, we can all share stories of how our lives have been impacted, but with ongoing research and support like what is offered to patients by Princess Margaret Hospital, I believe we can achieve the ultimate goal of finding a cure. To do this, they need assistance in raising both awareness and money.
Taking part in this is the least I can do to contribute to the real fight that is faced every day by those affected by cancer, so I’m asking you to step foot in the ring with me by donating to my campaign for the fight to end this disease.
Please join me in the Fight To End Cancer.

Sponsor Brandon Now

On May 27th, 2017 I will be stepping into the ring, participating in the 6th Annual Fight to End Cancer.  This amazing event raises research dollars in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.
The Princess Margaret is one of the top 5 Cancer Research Centres in the world and an international leader in the delivery of Personalized Cancer Medicine.  With your help the Foundation can move a little closer to reaching its ultimate goal – To Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime! 
Like most, if not all of you, my life has been touched by Cancer.  I have felt frustration and helplessness as people that I love have fought this terrible disease.  Over the next 6 months of training every punch, push-up and drop of sweat will be fueled by those emotions.
But my training efforts alone aren’t going to move the research forward, for this I need your help.  Please take a moment, think about your family, your friends, your colleagues and make a donation of any size.
Thank you for your time and support!

Sponsor Chris Now


Dear Friends,

I am participating in the 6th Annual Fight to End Cancer in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. I am raising research dollars – with a vision of reaching the ultimate goal of curing cancer.

We have all had someone in our life effected by this disease. I fight for the survivors. They that have a larger impact in our lives than we realize. How they change you for the better. Force you beyond your comfort zone. A shoulder to lean on and a kick in the ass when required. And without them knowing, inspire you to take action and risk bigger than you ever thought possible. Who show us to embrace life, always move forward and to always be – a fighter.

With your help, I will reach my fundraising goal and make a difference.
Many thanks

Sponsor Michael Now

I turned the big 4-0 this year, so in attempt to cling onto my youth I am joining the 2017 Fight To End Cancer team. Over the next 6 months I will be training to compete in my first, and probably only, boxing match on May 27th.
In addition to stepping into the ring, I will be raising money for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, one of the top Cancer fighting facilities in the world. Most of us don’t need to look too far outside of our circles to find someone we know or love who has been impacted by cancer. It’s scary and can be incredibly destructive to those affected by it. As a father of 2 young children, the very idea of one them being diagnosed with cancer is scary. No child or family should have to deal with it.
So, not only will your donation go to a great cause, but you get to enjoy me taking a few licks in the process!
Thank you for your support!

Sponsor Sebastian Now

Hi Friends,
I am very proud to be a part of the 6th Annual fight to End Cancer in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.
On Saturday May 27th, 2017 I will be stepping into the ring to compete in a charity boxing match with the goal of raising a lot of money to make a difference in the real fight.  The fight to End Cancer.
As I sat looking for some inspiration in writing this message I came across this photo.  This was taken by a father in what is likely the final days of his young daughters life.  As a father of two amazing young girls, I can’t ever imagine having to endure what this family did.  No one should have to go through this.
Click Here   ***A slight warning it is a gut wrenching photo and story.
For the Whelans
For Gord
For every one that has fought or is fighting.  The Princess Margaret is one of the Top 5 Cancer Research Centres in the World and every dollar counts.
Thank you for your support!

Sponsor Andrew Now