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The FTEC Ambassador Program Takes Our Fight Worldwide

The Annual Fight To End Cancer Gala, showcases a group of 10 charity boxers who dedicate the better part of their year to literally stepping into the ring to fight cancer. With a new group of fighters every year for the past 6 years, the Fight To End Cancer’s alumni and committee has grown to over 150 active members. Though the fighters play an integral role in all aspects of FTEC, none of this would be possible without the event committee who work in the shadows.


One of Luis’ many #FTECSightings seen internationally on social media channels

In a revolutionary movement, we have launched our highly anticipated FTEC Ambassador Program. This initiative will allow our team to expand infinitely, exploring innovative ways to fight cancer year round! Our first Official FTEC
Ambassador will be represented by Luis Parades. After joining our team in 2015, Luis ran with this opportunity, helping to campaign around the city. We’re excited to share Luis’ story with you, as we’re sure you have already seen some of his great work including the many #FTECsightings we’ve had around the city.

Applications to Become A Fighter have been rolling in, however you can continue the fight outside of the squared circle! We are all a part of the Fight To End Cancer. If you are interested in joining the fight please Contact Us NOW!

Defeat Is NOT An Option!


How did you get involved with Fight To End Cancer?


Luis’ at Boxing Ontario’ Hall of Fame Gala

It all started in 2014 at a Boxing Ontario event. Jennifer Huggins invited me to come and attend the third edition of The Fight To End Cancer. I was taken back by the event, being blown out of the water at the amazing environment and the great atmosphere. That was when I decided that I wanted to volunteer with the Fight To End Cancer.
During the 2015 FTEC event, I was given the task of running the iFight Campaign throughout the night. The evening went extremely well and I was very happy to be part of it. In the 2016 edition of FTEC, I took on the iFight Campaign role once again throughout the evening. It was a great success as people loved the campaign. A few days after the event, Jen gave me a call and we spoke about different ideas for the event and FTEC in general. She then asked me if I wanted to take a bigger role in the organization and I gladly agreed. I now write articles for the FTEC website and I am also in the process of working on different new marketing campaigns to help with creating more awareness of FTEC to more people in the world.
Why is the Fight To End Cancer important to you?
During my time volunteering at the event, I saw first hand the dedication and passion that fighters, and the guests of the event had for ending this horrible disease. I was so inspired and move by it that I knew I wanted to do my part, not only in helping FTEC grow, but to end Cancer once and for all. My family recently had its first case of Cancer affect our us, my Grandfather was hit with the disease early this summer. He battled with all he had but unfortunately he lost his fight. Even though I wasn’t able to see him often, as he was residing in Ecuador, whenever we spoke on the telephone, he was always proud and supportive of my sisters and I. FTEC is important to me because, I am not only fighting for my late granddad but for everyone who is fighting the battle of their lives.
Jennifer and Luis at the 2016 Taste of the Kingsway festival in the west end of Toronto.

Jennifer and Luis at the 2016 Taste of the Kingsway festival in the west end of Toronto.

What is your position with FTEC?
I am a Marketing Coordinator for FTEC. In my role, I create different articles each week on topics relating back to FTEC. Articles include: features on alumni and fighters, latest news on cancer research, inspirational articles, and much more. I am tasked with bringing more attention to FTEC. I am also working on new ideas with Jennifer to create more of a buzz about FTEC not only in Toronto and Canada, but to people worldwide!
Tell us about a day in the life of you.
A day in the life of me? Not too much really, I usually wake up around 5am to get ready for work in the morning. I’m out the door at 6:20 and I make way down to SportChek by 7am where I work as a Shipping and Receiving Associate during the day. I am an early morning guy, so those hours aren’t too bad, except for those winter days when you don’t want to get out of bed.

Luis holding pads for Kingsway boxer Cole at The Taste of the Kingsway.

After work I usually just make way home to spend time with my family and start thinking about the next article I’m going to write. I recently was given Monday’s off… who could complain about a long weekend every weekend in the
summer! With that extra time I just like to go out into the city and take photos. Taking photos is a hobby of mine though I can’t afford a fancy camera I make do with what I got. If I’m not taking photos ill be watching or playing soccer somewhere or just going out for a walk or a drive. On the weekends I love to head out to different boxing events in the city, working previously as a marketing coordinator at Boxing Ontario, I got to know a lot about and fall in love more with the sport of boxing. So whenever I know there is an event in the city, I will be there cheering on the boxers who step into the ring and supporting local boxing.
As a final note, I can’t wait to do everything I can to help FTEC with all the amazing work it does to help people in the community!  Working with Jennifer has been amazing as she is a very very close friend of mines and I can’t wait to help her fulfil her goals for a cancer free future!

Defeat Is NOT An Option!!