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August 23, 2016
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Fight for the Future of Henry and Eddie

The Super Stealth Team at our official 2016 Media Day in support of the Fight To End Cancer Fighters

The Super Stealth team at our official 2016 Media Day, in support of the Fight To End Cancer Fighters


Just weeks before the 5th Annual Fight To End Cancer Gala, we were introduced to, what turned out to be, our first ever Official Transportation Partner – Super Stealth. This ambitious, fun and successful company had just launched their ride hailing app called Kuroblack , here in Toronto. Without hesitation, Peter Dawson, Vice-President and David Wiley, who is in charge of all sales and promotion, jumped at the opportunity to join the Fight To End Cancer. Super Stealth secured partnership with us and the team showed up to the Official Media Day event and one week later, they attended our exclusive FTEC 2016 black tie Gala, as VIP guests. Super Stealth’s support didn’t stop at attending events, their generosity was passed on to the entire FTEC corporate network – giving $20 to our guests and sponsors.

We are so honoured to have Super Stealth join us, as a partner in the Fight To End Cancer!


square 1024x1024 KBEnter the fast lane by downloading the Kuroblack App Now!

Use the promo code FTEC2016KB and receive $20 off your first ride!


The fight hits close to the hearts of the Super Stealth Team. Peter Dawson, Vice President, shows his support for Louise Dawson Photo Credit: Nicholas Theodorou

The fight hits close to the hearts of the Super Stealth team. Peter Dawson, Vice-President, shows his support for Louise Dawson
Photo Credit: Nicholas Theodorou


Cancer is unique in that it’s not believed to be an infectious disease, but it stalks us just the same.  It’s the enemy we most often don’t see, until it’s too late.  It takes our friends, our parents, our siblings. It strikes the young.  It robs the old of their last years.  It’s implacable progress can go on for years, effectively defining an entire lifetime.  It can be a horrific, lingering end to the lives of those we love.

“At Super Stealth we support the Fight To End Cancer because it’s a fight we must win.”



our-vehicles-imgMy partners, the Padda brothers, Paul and Jag and I; decided to launch Super Stealth Inc. in the fall of 2013 while pondering the impact that new technology would have on Toronto’s limousine industry.  Between us, we had the right mix of experience and vision to pull it off:  Paul and Jag had operated a limo business in the nineties.  I’d been involved on the operations and fleet management side of the limo business for many years.  The Padda brothers (multiple entrepreneurs) have always been involved with providing services to the taxi industry, so directly operating a limousine business seemed to be the next logical step for all of us.

kuro2bSince that time, we’ve added a technology partner to build and support our ride hailing app, Kuroblack in Toronto; which we call KB.  After more than a year of development and tweaking, we have recently introduced our KB app to the public.  We are training a score of drivers per month out of our fleet of seventy, or so vehicles – SUV’s and sedans, all City of Toronto plated, with full insurance and licensing.

Our corporate goal is add value for our clients by taking the worry and uncertainty out of transportation arrangements.  Never any “surge” pricing, no unknown drivers.  Ride with us and concentrate on what’s really important to you!

— Peter Dawson, Vice-President of Super Stealth



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