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Kate Hillier (FTEC2013 Co-Main Event) Volunteering at the annual Taste Of The Kingsway street festival.



The Fight To End Cancer (FTEC) has come a long way since the inaugural event in 2012. The success that FTEC has seen is largely due to the incredible men and women who work together to create the annual gala each year!

One amazing woman we would like to introduce you to is Kate Hillier! If that name sounds familiar it’s because Kate herself fought in the second edition of the Fight To End Cancer, and is a regular at the Kingsway Boxing Club.
After her bout against Shireen Fabing in 2013, Kate’s passion for helping others grew more and more! She took it to the next level by working with FTEC behind the scenes, taking on the role of Entertainment Team Coordinator. She has done an incredible job every year and is a vital member of the organization. Kate also takes time out of her busy schedule to help out with different events held by the Kingsway Boxing Club.  She’s unstoppable and we can’t wait to see what the future holds with her on board!

Meet Kate Hillier | Entertainment Coordinator for The Fight To End Cancer


How did you get involved with Fight To End Cancer?

I had been a member of the Kingsway Boxing Club for a few years and had become good friends with Jennifer Huggins.  She told me about the first event and “this great big thing” she was creating, so I attended FTEC2012 as a guest.  Fast forward to 2013… Jen called me at work one afternoon and asked if I would step in to be Shireen’s opponent in this years fight? I said yes.
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Kate during her bout with Shireen at FTEC 2013

Kate during her bout with Shireen at FTEC 2013


Why is the Fight To End Cancer important to you?

It’s important because it’s so much more than an opportunity to donate a few dollars and agree with a cause.  It’s an opportunity to actually make a difference; not only on a larger scale of the funding we’re doing for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation but in our community.  We’ve created a family that stands together and fights together.

What is your position with FTEC?

I am the Entertainment Team Lead.  I help to organize an amazing crew of volunteers who personalize the event for our guests.  They manage various raffles, fundraising activities and handouts we surprise attendees with throughout the Gala.

Tell us about a day in the life of you.

A day in the life of Kate…
Mornings = coffee, coffee (more coffee).
From 9 to 5, I’m a Front End Web Developer – I make the Creative department’s designs a reality for a Canadian retailer. Come 5, I hit the highway home to my husband Ryan and fur babies, our dog Holly and cat Cadence.  Ryan and I will rock-paper-scissors it to decide who’s stuck making dinner that night.  Followed by some Netflix – likely guilty of watching Stranger Things, Archer, Bob’s Burgers or the like.  We’ll toast the day over a craft beer and call it night.
Kate has put so much heart and dedication in FTEC’s fight to end cancer we can’t thank her enough for all the hard work she always puts in! We are always looking for more people ready to take on the fight and if you’re interested please Contact Us and Volunteer! Together we can end cancer once and for all!!



Entertainment Team Lead Kate at FTEC 2016

Entertainment Team Lead Kate at FTEC 2016