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Leading up to Fight Night we will be featuring one of the incredible men and women who have joined the Fight to End Cancer in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Meet our #FeaturedFighter, Kyle Barlow, Sponsored by Kingsway Boxing

Kyle ‘The Butcher’ Barlow will be stepping into the ring on June 4th to face Jeff MacWilliams (thanks to our friends at RG Speed Control). Kyle has been thinking about boxing for years and when he heard about #FTEC2015 Fighter Georgia’s story through his girlfriend, he knew he couldn’t pass up the opportunity.
‎ “I have been contemplating for years to start boxing. I always loved watching it… what an opportunity to fight for such a wonderful cause!
Kyle set an ambitious fundraising goal for himself – $20, 000. But with just over a month to go, he is 85% of the way there! He’s raised a lot of money for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation so far and is looking for those final contributions to get him the rest of the way!
You can make a donation towards Kyle’s goal HERE.
We talked to Kyle about his training so far and asked him if there have been any surprises?

“Training so far has been a blast. Every class challenges me to better myself and push the limit. Biggest surprise – I thought I was in shape, but every class I am dripping in sweat. I also didn’t realize I would have permanent blisters on my feet.” 
Kyle is dedicating his fight to his grandparents, who have all fought and survived cancer.
 KYLE“Like most, I have had many family members and loved ones endure a fight with cancer.  This event gives me the opportunity to show them that I am in this fight with them; spiritually and physically. I am dedicating this fight to my grandparents. All of them have fought cancer and are still alive thanks to the miracles of modern medicine and a fighting attitude.”  

How do you see the fight going June 4th?

“I think we will be the fight of the night. We are both athletic, love pushing ourselves and are stubborn as hell.”

FTEC2016 Fight Team