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The Fight To End Cancer is made possible by many people – our sponsors, fighters, but also, our volunteers and committee members. We want to take you behind the scenes of #FTEC2016, to meet the people who are fighting cancer outside of the ring…



How did you get involved with Fight To End Cancer?

David1DK: I was invited to attend the inaugural Fight To End Cancer Gala back in 2012.  My spouse and I were invited to sit at one of Eagle Professional Resources’ tables, as guests of theirs and after hearing about what the event was going to be like, we were both very excited to check out such a unique event that raises funds for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. I fell in love with the event right away and knew that I wanted to get more involved.  Then, in 2013 after attending, for the second year in a row, Jennifer Huggins sent out an email that was an open call to build an actual planning committee.  I immediately sent Jennifer an email with my resume and inquired if she might benefit from having a communications person on her team. Her response…”YES!! :)”
David has been part of FTEC since the beginning, first as a guest and now as an integral part of the planning and execution of the Fight to End Cancer. “I feel as though it has become my adopted child and it is incredible to watch it grow bigger and better, with each passing year.  It barely feels like the same event from 2012.  It’s exciting to think about what the next five years will bring for Fight To End Cancer.”

Why is the Fight To End Cancer important to you?

DK: Personally, I have been lucky to have not lost anyone close to me from cancer.  My grandmother had colon cancer when I was very young; but thankfully, she was able to have surgery that removed the portion of her colon that had the cancer in it and she lived for another 20 years.  Cancer is something that has, or will, affect everyone at some point in his or her life. That’s a scary thought. The thought of being able to live in a world without cancer in our lifetime is something that is very encouraging and something I want to see happen. I didn’t get into the Fight To End Cancer because of a personal hardship, or loss – I got into the Fight To End Cancer because I believe that there is hope for a cancer-free future for everyone and I want to be a part of helping see it become a reality.

What is your position with FTEC?

DK: I am the Public Relations Director for FTEC. In my role, I am responsible for the creation of FTEC’s communication materials (press releases, web articles, newsletters, etc.), all of our media relations activities (trying to secure coverage for the brand and the fighters) the development of ongoing communications/marketing strategies, event logistics, sponsor relations, assisting in securing new sponsorship opportunities, brand management, etc.
It has been such a pleasure to work with Jennifer, as closely as I do, to help in the constant development of FTEC and looking at new and exciting ways to build and enhance our reach to the world. I have learned so much in such a short time and I am always awaiting what great, new (maybe crazy?) challenge Jennifer will present me with next!
(Virgil Barrow and David Kelly interviewing FTEC 2016 Co-Main event fighter Natasa Jamnik-Sousa)

Tell us about a day in the life of you.

DK: I don’t like these types of questions…makes me realize how boring my day-to-day life can be…well, outside of my responsibilities with FTEC – you can typically find me at the gym in the morning (when I force myself to go), taking my dog Stewart out for a walk down by the lake, I love to read my favourite blogs and newspapers with a coffee/latte, writing, cooking, shopping, and just enjoying my time and life with my spouse…I have also begun working on another fundraiser for the Covenant House and am always on the look out for what will come next for me.
As a final thought, I just have to say what an honor it is to be a part of Fight To End Cancer and to work with Jennifer and the rest of the planning committee.  Everyone who is involved in this event, both inside and outside of the ring, should be commended for all of the hard work that they put into making our annual Gala, such an incredible success.  Being a part of this team has been truly life changing and I am so proud to work with the people that I do.

David has been such an important part of growing Fight to End Cancer over the past three years and we can’t thank him enough for all the dedication, professionalism, and talent he brings to FTEC every day! Thank-you David!