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Allison Dellandrea

By August 18, 2016January 6th, 2022No Comments

Dear Friends and Family,
I am honoured to be participating in the 6th Annual Fight to End Cancer in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.
I have a very personal interest in the goal of this event: to raise funds for cancer research at PMH.  As many of you are aware, I am a cancer survivor.   In 2004, when I was six months pregnant with our third child, I received my diagnosis of advanced thyroid cancer. I was told I needed immediate surgery to remove the tumour and affected lymph nodes, and that treatment would follow promptly after my baby’s birth.   Traces of the shock of that moment, and its impact on my whole family still linger with me today.
But thanks to the treatment and ongoing care that I receive at The Princess Margaret, my story is now a happy one.  My little Patrick weathered the storm of our diagnosis and surgery like a true fighter, and arrived in the world smiling (… and hasn’t really stopped smiling since).  After radiotherapy, and two more surgeries to deal with recurrence, I’m now remission, and have the privilege of good health.  I’m not afraid of my cancer anymore.  My caregivers at PMH have taken care of this fear.  And now it’s my turn to support their work, so that they can help other patients whose fears are not relieved, and whose lives depend on their results.
I am a survivor because of the great care I receive at PMH.  But my fight with cancer isn’t over, and it isn’t about me.   It continues, in honour of the loved ones that I have lost to the disease, and for one of my dearest friends who is in the final round of her lengthy cancer battle.  With your help, I hope to reach my goal of raising over $25,000 in support of the cutting-edge cancer research of the Princess Margaret Cancer centre.  Together, we can help others to fight their way back to health, as I have been so fortunate to do.    Thank you so much for your love and support.