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2016 FightersBout 1


By October 29, 2015January 6th, 2022No Comments

Dear Friends and Family
I am participating in the 5th Annual Fight to End Cancer in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. I am raising research dollars – with a vision of reaching the ultimate goal – To Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime!
The introductory class was enough to suck me in to the world of boxing. The challenge of the sport was something I quickly gained an appreciation for. Since then it has been a goal of mine to train and fight in an amateur bout at least once in my life. When I found out about the Fight to End Cancer charity event, it definitely spoke out to me as an important cause to fight for. My dad is a survivor of cancer and although there is a lot of tragedy surrounding the disease, he was able to beat it with the aid of the Princess Margaret Foundation. That is proof that our efforts to fight back are working. And we will continue to progress with newer developments in the field of cancer research.
I am fighting in FTEC 2016 so that people like my dad can fight.
With your help, I hope to reach my fundraising goal and make a difference.
Many thanks!