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2015 FightersBout 3

Ryan Morris

By January 28, 2015January 6th, 2022No Comments

I am participating in the 4th Annual Fight to End Cancer in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. I am raising research dollars – with a vision of reaching the ultimate goal – To Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime!
Everyone has in some way been touched by Cancer or will be in their lifetime, I know it’s not a positive note to send but it’s the truth.
These brave men, women and children are the toughest people in the world. It takes a tough person to step into a boxing ring but a WAY tougher person to stand up and battle Cancer.
Personally, Cancer has impacted me a great deal. A few years ago, my best friend was diagnosed with ALL (an acute form of Leukemia) at only 25 years old. He was a perfectly healthy guy, played sports, very active and never had any sort of health issues previously. It was a long 2 years after his diagnoses until he made his full recovery and now you wouldn’t even know he ever dealt with such a horrible disease. The toughness that he displayed is beyond anything I can even imagine in myself.
On May 30th, 2015 I will be stepping into the ring for a 3 round sanctioned boxing match in an event called “The Fight To End Cancer” with the goal of raising as much money as possible for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation”.
If it wasn’t for these great foundations that raise money for research, treatments and the ultimate goal of finding a cure, a lot of people would not be as fortunate as my friend was.
I know it’s hard to find extra money to donate when we all have our own priorities but anything that you can donate would help greatly and be very appreciated!
With your help, I hope to reach my fundraising goal and make a difference.
Many thanks!