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2015 FightersBout 2

Georgia Curtis

By January 27, 2015January 6th, 2022No Comments

I am excited and proud to be participating in The Fight to End Cancer 2015!
Over the years I have paddled, run, and golfed in various fundraising efforts for cancer-related causes.  I know way too many people who have fought or are fighting cancer…my guess is that you do too. For the next five months, I will train and fundraise and I had better learn how to box because on May 30th, 2015, I will step into the ring and fight like hell for an important cause.
This fight is for my pal Cindy Weeks. She battled breast cancer and was cancer-free for years. In 2008, cancer returned and since then Cindy has lived with metastatic disease. Her brave tenacity is both heroic and inspiring – she is the toughest fighter I know. She believes that breakthroughs will come, and that cancer can be beaten. I am fighting for her, and I ask that you please give generously.
The Fight to End Cancer is in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation’s quest to “conquer cancer in our lifetime.” Your donation will fund research, teaching, and care at The Princess Margaret. As one of the 5 top cancer research centres in the world, we are fortunate to have The Princess Margaret in our corner and in our community.
Thanks for visiting and for your generosity!