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Daniel Cellucci

By December 30, 2014January 13th, 2022No Comments

“Fight to End Cancer” is an opportunity to become involved in one of the most prevalent battles that continues to hinder the lives of more and more people every year. These days cancer is a problem that touches almost every single family in some sort of way. Whether you develop it or someone you know does, it is nearly impossible to avoid having any close confrontation with cancer throughout one’s life. Therefore, the only two options that remain are to let cancer grow within our society, or to fight back at it.

Boxing resembles the fight for cancer because it is a sport which demands that you use every last bit of effort and energy you possess in order to prevail. Even then, boxing doesn’t give one the idea of exactly what it means to fight for their own survival at the level cancer does.

I’m fighting for anyone anywhere who has cancer. We all know people who suffer or have suffered from it.

Cancer often comes by surprise like an uppercut to the jaw; the hard part is not giving up before the next punch comes in to knock you out.

– Daniel Cellucci