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What Happens in Fight Camp, Stays in Fight Camp…

December 1, 2013
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Fight for the Future of Henry and Eddie

A Look into the Life of the FTEC Fighter

Written by: David Kelly | PR Director, Fight To End Cancer
Published Monday December 2, 2013; 11:00 AM EST


Jane Watson seen here starting her journey off strong as one of our FTEC Female Corporate Fighters
Picture Courtesy: Rebecca Freeman

First rule, you do not talk about Fight Camp; second rule, you DO NOT talk about Fight Camp. Because what happens at Fight Camp, stays at Fight Camp…

On a cold morning in late November, our 2014 Fight To End Cancer fighters ascended on the Kingsway Boxing Club with one goal in mind; to survive the intensity and commitment ahead of them as Charity Boxing Fighters. Designed as a full day of technical training, Fight Camp is a boxing boot camp program that was co-created by FTEC’s Executive Director, Jennifer Huggins and FTEC’s Fight Team Captain, Virgil Barrow.

The 2014 FTEC Fight Team began a long, physical training day starting at 10:00 a.m. that continued on for the next seven grueling hours. Our fighters endured intense technical training from both Jennifer and Virgil, whose mission it was to ensure that each fighter is whipped into top-notch physical-form for their individual bouts taking placing on event day this upcoming May 31st, 2014.

Left: Chris Barnes, FTEC Assistant Coach Middle: Jennifer Huggins, FTEC Executive Director, Right: Virgil Barrow, FTEC Fight Team Captain Photo Courtesy: Rebecca Freeman

Left: Chris Barnes, Assistant Coach
Middle: Jennifer Huggins, Exec. Director
Right: Virgil Barrow, Fight Team Captain
Photo Courtesy: Rebecca Freeman

From sparring, shadow-boxing, tactical techniques and extreme conditioning rounds, our FTEC Fight Team were taught the skills and techniques that are required to both effectively, and safely, participate in the true Olympic-style of competitive boxing. It is the mission of our coaching and Executive teams to ensure that our FTEC gala fighters are properly prepared for their individual matches. Though our mantra here at FTEC is to “knock-out” cancer in our lifetime, we want to ensure the safety of those fighting for the cause.

According to Jennifer in her own words, “Defeat is not an option. As long as we can fight, we need to. From fighting in the ring to raise funds, to fighting to find a cure, we are all a part of the Fight To End Cancer”

Our FTEC fighters will continue extensive weekly training regiments and several more challenging camps over the course of the upcoming months, as we inch closer to our gala-boxing fundraiser at the end of May. Each fighter has their own individual purpose for volunteering to embark on this upcoming journey of passion and perseverance that lies on the road ahead.

Participants were taught the rules and scoring for Olympic Style Boxing. The bouts that the FTEC Fighters will be demonstrating will be officially sanctioned by Boxing Ontario.

Participants were taught the rules and scoring for Olympic Style Boxing. The bouts that the FTEC Fighters will be demonstrating will be officially sanctioned by Boxing Ontario.

The next six months will undoubtedly be the ultimate challenge of both physical and emotional strength for our fighters, as they look to conquer their opponent in the ring and ultimately be a part of the fight in conquering cancer. We here at FTEC, will make it our mission to be standing in their corners, supporting them, every step of the way.

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