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"White Collar" Boxers Fight To End Cancer

By June 3, 2011January 6th, 2022No Comments

“White Collar” boxers put it all on the line in “The Fight To End Cancer”… read more
Calling All to
Fight to End Cancer,
On Saturday June 9th, 2012, Kingsway Boxing Club will join with The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation in the 1st annual Fight To End Cancer.
The theme for this inaugural event is “It’s everyone’s fight” as each of us, to various extents, have been affected by cancer. The Gala will host an elegant dinner, live entertainment, and most importantly will feature a number of “White Collar” Olympic style boxing bouts. White Collar boxing is a form of boxing where men and women in white-collar professions, with little or no previous experience of boxing, train to fight at to raise awareness to issues near their hearts.
We are currently looking for “White Collar” features to Fight to End Cancer! This is a one of a kind chance for the local community leaders, executives, and media figures to test their strength and perseverance by engaging in one of the hardest training regimes in order to participate in the toughest of sports. Ultimately, all these athletes will face each other in the Fight To End Cancer.
This is your chance to be a part of an activity only a few can claim they have done! This is a unique chance to demonstrate the strength of your character and at the same time give back to the community that you built your success around. The Kingsway Boxing Club will facilitate training for the event ( We welcome and encourage all who are interested in participating to book a complementary lesson and visit the club. Once you commit to the Fight To End Cancer in 2012, Kingsway Boxing Club will give you unlimited and complementary access to their facilities and amateur competitive training program leading to the show.
Not really a fighter? No problem! In addition to fighting for a great cause you can headline your company with a number of sponsorship opportunities.
In order to ensure our participants get sufficient training we are looking to secure our “White Collar” fighters as soon as possible. Please contact Jennifer Huggins at 416-234-0075 ASAP if you would like to Fight To End Cancer.
Jennifer Huggins, Director
Fight To End Cancer
T. 416.234.0075