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The Fight To End Cancer is made possible by many people – our sponsors, fighters, but also, our volunteers and committee members. We want to take you behind the scenes of #FTEC2016, to meet the people who are fighting cancer outside of the ring…


Lynn and Betty-Ann Mosher, (top left) representing Fight to End Cancer at Taste of the Danforth 2015

Lynn and Betty Ann Mosher, (top left) representing Fight To End Cancer at Taste of the Danforth 2015

How did you get involved with Fight To End Cancer?
BA: I joined Kingsway Boxing Club in late 2006 and became good friends with Jennifer Huggins. In 2011, she approached me with the idea of starting a white-collar charity boxing event, in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. In that same year, my Mother had been diagnosed with cancer and became one of the many patients at Princess Margaret Hospital. Because of this very close and personal experience with cancer I immediately offered my assistance, at any level, to support her unique charity event.
LynnLM: It was during early morning, one-on-one sessions with Jennifer that she talked about how she was encountering more and more clients and friends who where fighting cancer themselves, or had a family member fighting.  She wanted to do something to help out and her idea was a white-collar boxing match.  At that time, my Mom was receiving radiation treatments after having a cancer tumor removed, so there was no hesitation. I said I would help in any way I could.
Both Lynn and Betty Ann have proudly been with Fight To End Cancer, since its inception! While Betty-Ann heads up the gala auctions and raffles as our Team Lead, Lynn is the Reception Lead.
In Lynn’s own words about being involved with the Fight To End Cancer, “I have a great group of dedicated volunteers who, year after year, help bring the vision of Fight To End Cancer together that makes the evening, such a success.”
Why is the Fight To End Cancer important to you?
BettyAnnBA: Cancer has impacted everyone. For me personally, it has taken my Aunt Maudie, my cousin Scott, my friend Brigette and, most recently, my dear friend Kim. Princess Margaret Hospital has also helped both my Mother and my brother successfully beat cancer!
The Fight To End Cancer allows me the opportunity to work with many inspiring individuals, all with the same goal – to organize a unique charity event raising money for Princess Margaret Urgent Cancers Fund, and to support the fight against cancer.
LM: Being a part of the Fight To End Cancer is, not only an honor every year, it is a privilege that I am very proud of.  I work with committee members and volunteers who have been together for a while now and who form the Fight To End Cancer family.  We all know our role and what the mission is…to make every day a “Fight To End Cancer” day.
Some would say I am as dedicated to and passionate about the Fight To End Cancer, as I am about the company I work for, Landscape Plus Ltd. – and I am.  I really take the whole thing very personally.  I drive a truck with a Fight To End Cancer decal on it, I wear my Fight To End Cancer clothing, I flash anything that is Fight To End Cancer and I am proud to do so.

It is also my opportunity to give back to an organization, whose people dedicate their lives daily to helping those that continue to fight the fight.  These people were professional, kind and compassionate with my Mom and my family when we needed their help, I wouldn’t have wanted my Mom’s treatment to be anywhere else.

Tell us about a day in the life of you.

Left to right; Betty-Ann Mosher, FTEC 2013 fighter Shireen Fabing, Lynn Mosher at Fight to End Cancer Media Day 2015

Left to right; Betty-Ann Mosher, FTEC 2013 fighter Shireen Fabing, Lynn Mosher at FTEC 2015 Media Day

BA: On a normal work day, I am up early and off to meet the staff of our family business – a Toronto based landscape design/build company (Landscape Plus Ltd. – Lead Sponsor for FTEC 2016). At work, I do everything from help organize the crews, track progress on jobs, select and purchase plant material, to physically work on-site. Evenings often include either a boxing conditioning class, a technical boxing class, or a solo workout at Kingsway Boxing Club. Weekends definitely include a Saturday morning boxing conditioning class (with Coach Virgil Barrow) and a teens boxing class for my daughter, followed by a ritual coffee with friends/family.
LM: During the season, my days start very early being present for the Design/Build crew morning start-up, followed by meeting and coordinating the Garden Maintenance crew start-up.  My days involve managing the office, sourcing and picking up supplies/replenishing stock, interacting with current Garden Maintenance clients and recruiting new Garden Maintenance clients. And, of course, participate in any Fight To End Cancer conference calls and meetings.
We cannot thank Betty-Ann and Lynn enough for the incredible dedication and passion that they bring to the Fight To End Cancer. Thank you both!
We are very proud to be working with Landscape Plus Ltd. once again and to have them as our Lead Sponsor for FTEC 2016.